NUFORC Sighting 75841

Occurred: 2010-06-18 22:15 Local
Reported: 2010-06-19 07:38 Pacific
Duration: three minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Cape May Courthouse, NJ, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

object with one flashing white light flying very erratically moves impossibly fast in impossible fashion

This is the second report that I’ve filed this week, though I’ve received no response to my first sighting report. I’m curious to know if my first report was classified a hoax or a joke, and that’s why it is being ignored. I mean I have far better things to do with my time than make stuff up. I read somewhere during the extensive research I’ve conducted over the last year and a half, that a witness is more likely to be credible if he or she only ever files a single report; though credibility sharply decreases the more reports someone files. The reason given is that UFO sightings are so statistically rare that it is highly unlikely a witness will ever have more than one UFO sighting or experience. I can’t say for sure about anyone else, but I know that in my case that for some reason the tiny patch of sky visible from my house, as well as once at my friends house and twice at my job last year, has been teeming with highly unusual activity. Last night that act! ivity continued. I was outside over by my car that I share with my grandmother; whom I also take care of, and of course I was sky-watching. (I saw something 8 summers ago that has had me intently watching the sky ever-since) I was facing north and looked over to my left(north by northwest of where I’m standing) and saw something flying in an extremely erratic fashion. It had a flashing white light on it that for the most part was in one second intervals; though the pattern was somewhat irregular. Every time the light would blink off, when it blinked back on the object had moved an insanely long distance. But it wasn’t simply traveling forward. It was moving forwards, backwards, diagonally and side-to-side. I’ll put it to you like this. If this craft had a solid light instead of a blinking light, the pilot could have written its name just by maneuvering. I’m sure you are familiar with what happened at Stephenville Texas, right? Yea it would have probably looked a lot like that. I stood there and watched for about 2 or 3 minutes as this object darted around the sky the same way an electromagnetic charge instantaneously jumps from pole to pole. If there was a human pilot flying this object, unless he is using some unknown super-technology, he or she would not have been able to withstand the G force required to make manuevers like this. The oddest thing is that the object should have passed out of view; and if it was moving straight it would have. Instead it was moving in every possible direction, but never the same direction for very long. Finally I just laughed and said to myself, “show off!” The funny thing is that it isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed something very similar. Like I said in my last report I stopped filing reports after the first one to MUFON last year. No one is willing to come near NJ because of Morristown, but all that would be water under the bridge if I could just get an investigator with some high-tech cameras, video-recorders and infrared equipment to come down here and set up shop for a! night or two. Forget for the moment that almost no one sees stuff like this on a regular basis, because for once there is someone who really does. I have a 141 IQ, am highly educated through collegiate and self-taught means and my vision is 20/15. I am a writer, work as a waiter, have an elderly grandmother to take care of, and absolutely no time to take out of my busy day to file a fake UFO report. Why would I ridicule a topic that I have extensively studied and found to be extraordinarily credible; based on things like the disclosure project, the Rendalshim Forrest incident, O’Hare Airport, the 1951 incident where dozens of UFO’s buzzed the white-house, the “battle” of LA, combined with what I have seen with my own eyes? I’d give anything if someone would come down here with some good image-recording equipment because whatever is going on down here isn’t normal, by any stretch of the imagination.

Posted 2010-06-23

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