NUFORC Sighting 75812

Occurred: 2010-06-15 02:46 Local
Reported: 2010-06-15 22:26 Pacific
Duration: 2-5 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Burlington (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object

Glowing green light resembling a ruler, moving slowly with no up or down motion.

I awoke from sleep last night to go to the washroom, and on returning into my room I glanced outside and noticed a glowing green rectangular object approximately 500 metres away. My estimate of the size of this object, taking into account the distance it was from my window, is that it was in between 10 and 30 centimetres wide and 120 to 200 centimetres tall.

After throwing on some clothes and shoes I left my house and observed this object from the top of my driveway (~465m away). The object appeared to slowly float right to left parallel to the ground, at an estimated 5km/h. It continued its course until it was obscured by trees that blocked my vision. The easiest way for me to describe the appearance of this object is to compare it to an oversized ruler.

I have been trying to come up with an explanation of what I saw, and as such I have thought of a few questions already that readers of this report may want to ask, so I present to you some more facts: There are no lights in my room that are green, or otherwise.

I did not turn on the lights when I got up to go to the washroom, so this sighting couldn’t have been caused by a reflection of light from my room, or my house.

I did turn on a light in the washroom, but it is a dull 40w glazed bulb, and I didn’t look directly at it, so this couldn’t have been a case of after-images in my eyes created by looking at a bright light source while my pupils were dilated from darkness.

I can’t discount is the possibility of fireflies engaging in some sort of strange behaviour, as the colour of green was identical to the colour that fireflies produce. As to why these fireflies would /could behave in this type of behaviour is beyond me.

I considered the possibility that someone could have had some sort of reflector /light/glow stick on the side of a bike, or on pants or arms, but this doesn’t seem likely since the object was moving in what appeared to be only along the x axis from right to left, not up or down at all – contradictory to what one would expect to see if this object was affixed to somebody’s leg or arms while walking.

What do you think? If you have any ideas as to what this object may have been, please let me know!

Posted 2010-06-23

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