Occurred: 1974-08-16 19:30 Local
Reported: 2010-05-27 14:31 Pacific
Duration: 5-10 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Somersworth, NH, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object

Saucer seen from about 40 feet away at top of trees in Somersworth, NH, 36 years ago.

While attempting to write a book for the first time ever (which is not about UFO’s but will include my UFO story), I am once again recalling the past by searching for the time frame again, I come up with a related article that inspires this report.

I’ll just get right to the point here.

It was the evening of August 16, 1974. I was about 16-17 yrs old. After picking up a girl in my car, we went to the local parking area. At that time it had the nickname "Pregnant Point" (how appropriate).

This area is located in Somersworth, NH between two roads that run parallel to one another: Salmon Falls Rd and Rt 108 (the old Rt 16). No more than a mile between the two. This road today starts at the corner of a local tool crib and almost across the street is a gas station that once had the name Agway. From Rt 108, going towards Salmon Falls Rd, there is a dirt road to the right and that’s where we had parked that evening. Backed into the woods on the left hand side perpendicular onto this road we sat talking (completely sober) and while talking we noticed what appeared to be a star way off in the sky that would just grow bright and then fade and continue to do this for awhile. We at first thought that it could have been a plane but didn’t move at all. After a few minutes we had just ignored it. While looking at one another and talking, I glanced back at the sky and went into a sort of horrific shock by the presence of a huge saucer hovering no more than 40 ft or so just above the tree tops across the dirt road we were on and no more than 25-30 ft away. It was aprox. 75 yds or so in diameter, silverish from what I remember and had numerous lights revolving around the bottom rim.

I was in such a state of shock, that I couldn’t even speak with tears running down my face and trying to speak but only had an open mouth with no words. This girl whom I have no idea to this day who she is, didn’t see it at all at this time and kept asking me what was wrong. She was kinda freaked by my state of shock. This saucer made absolutely no noise and vanished in about 5-6 seconds maybe a little longer but not much.

As soon as I was able, I started my car and still unable to talk, took a right back onto this dirt road and then another right back onto pregnant point (this girl kept asking me what the matter was). I still couldn’t talk at this time.

As I turned left onto Salmon Falls Rd, she screamed like a blood curling scream from some horror film. I knew then she had just seen it. When I turned onto Salmon Falls Rd., she had spotted this UFO out the passenger window over the Salmon Falls River and the swamp next to it.

Once in Rochester and no idea where I had dropped her off, I went home and called the Rochester Police to report what had happened. All they said was, "Thank you." I was a little set back by the response but being young, I just let it go. Who would ever believe me anyway? I had told no one else until the next day because it was a little late that night.

The next day, I was driving my car on Central Ave in nearby Dover, NH, and I tuned into the local radio station WTSN in Dover. I hadn’t talked to my brother ((name deleted)) at all. ((name deleted)) had just come on WTSN because he was at that time, he was the Strafford County ((deleted)).

He had reported UFO sightings in numerous areas; Exeter Police reported sightings from officers themselves, Dover Police had sightings over the Junior High School, Somersworth Police had sightings over the water tower and Rochester Police chased a UFO up Rochester Hill Rd which is actually Rt 108 (the old Rt 16) just a few miles from where I was.

To top it all off, a friend (whom I had no knowledge of where he worked at this time) was in the local newspaper: "Foster’s Daily Democrat" and had reported a confirmed sighting that night. He was working at the Agway gas station no more than ¾ of a mile in parallel to where I was parked.

A few years ago, I had called the Rochester Police for police reports of that time and they told me that there were no records of my calling. However, at the time of this writing I have physically gone in and put in a request for records.

I later on had researched that time period and found ((name deleted)) report in the newspaper of Foster’s dated August 17, 1974. Some years later his brother and I were at coffee and he remembers his brothers sighting who now lives out of state.

Since that time, I have told my story to WTSN in the late 1990’s on a live call in show called, "The Open Mike" program and have also told my story to "The Bay" (98.7) radio station on an early morning show.

What I saw is as real as you and I my friend.

Today, the trees where I had spotted this UFO appear to have not grown as tall as the others nearby. I hope that you can add this to your archives.

Thank you for time for what this is worth.


Time of sighting is not indicated by witness. We have assigned an arbitrary time of "19:30 hrs.," to reflect an evening sighting. PD

Posted 2010-06-03

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