Occurred: 1991-06-01 10:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2010-04-09 16:16 Pacific
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object

thought it was space shuttle lift off

Have not spoke about it since because when I first saw it with my friend at the time , "which since we have not spoken or seen each other", I told a few people and they pretty much thought I was crazy. But how could two people see the same thing not once but twice in one week. Once with my friend and the other with my then girlfirend who thought I was crazy until she saw it her self.

Me and my friend were at mellaluca lakes in port st lucie fl. at around 10:30 pm we looked toward our left ,(toward kennedy space center just north of st lucie) and we noticed something we thought was the shuttle lifting off at night, because of the orange glow coming from underneath as if it were a lift off. The strange thing is that it was acending very slow and straight up not at an angle like the shuttle does and as sure as I said that to my friend the light shot straigt up what looked to be at least 3 miles up in the blink of an eye I mean rediculously fast.Before I knew it the thing started coming our direction I had to be at least 5 miles away and was over the lake we were at within 2 to 3 seconds and when we saw it hover over the lake the whole sky reflected off of it ,it was about the size of a vw bettle and there were two lights on top long ones moving back and forth. It was very quiet no sound but the crickets and frogs man, dont know what it was but my bud s! tarted shaking and upon trying to start his car I asked him not to beacause I wanted to know if what we were seeing was real. Had him decribe what he was seeing and it was exactly what I was seeing so I know it was real. I stepped out of the car and proceeded to walk toward the lake edge to get a closer look at it hovering( 50ft or so in air) as I opened the car door and stepped out it straighted it self out went side to side across whole lake which was at leat half mile wide, zig zagged about 7 time and shot straight toward palm beach county in the blink of an eye. Never believed in UFOs but have since. Saw it a week later after everyone said I was crazy. Standing out back my house was the second and last encounter. Looked over toward the lake ,( by this time my girl had already said she had enough and she didnt know if she believed me. About ten min later looking toward the lake we both noticed a bright light which appeared to be a spot light on a small plane. Almost out! of my mind at this time because I thought I was going crazy f! or what me and my friend saw just days before. Anyway looked like a spot light on a small plane started to get brighter and brighter so I took my lighter and started flickering it just because I guess , but as I did it me and my girl noticed the spot light start to flicker as I did with my lighter. Kinda creepy my girl started to wonder at this time because the more I flickered my light the more the spot light did the same as it came our direction over the pine trees. As it got closer we heard what sounded like a prop plane single engine. At this time my girl pretty much called me crazy and said ,"see it's just a plane man i agreed and said your right. All of a sudden the plane noise changed to a helicopter sound. My girl started to weird out about this time and wanted to go inside.I told her hell no please stay i said everyone thinks I crazy. She agreed and at this time the noise coming toward us change into distinctly what sounded like a jet engine noise,but the light coming towar! d us was moving slowly. Until right about 5 seconds later there it was no sound just quiet. No more plane sound no more helicopter sound no more jet sound just hovering over a 40ft pine in my back yard. It sat at an angle with this weird feeling we were being watched. My girl started crying and I asked her what do you see? Her reply," I see it I beleive", and continued to cry. I told her to go in the house and get my mom and her husband and to quietly walk out the back door to see. She headed toward the house while I just looked in awe. I heard them come around the front of house instead of the back ,looked over to tell them to hurry, looked back up and saw it fade out of view in front of me and a little flickering light appeared and began moving so fast and in ways no plane we have could have moved with such precission and no sound. Unfortunately my mother and her husband did not see it as we did. I was still called a lier even after my girl told them what she had seen. N! ote we were not believers until these events occured. As for m! y friend he was the smart one he never told anyone and said he wouldnt.. We have not spoken since the incident nor have I ever seen it again.I know this is very old sighting but please tell me I am not crazy or else how could I remember it as if it were right in front of me now. This happened when I was sixteen and am now 36 . I know I saw something i could not explain.


Date is approximate. PD

Posted 2010-04-13

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