Occurred: 1970-08-20 01:00:00 Local
Location: Spring City, TN, USA
Shape: Fireball
Duration: Approx 1 minute
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2009-12-29 08:46:12 Pacific
Posted: 2010-02-14 00:00:00
Characteristics: Emitted other objects

Large fireball hovers above ground and then streaks into space at high speed.

Myself and two friends were coming home from the county fair and riding in a truck together in the front cab. The oldest friend was driving the truck; next oldest friend was riding in the passenger seat, and me (youngest) was sitting in the middle. Arrived in front of my house in a small community called Wolf Creek, and my friend opened the passenger door and got out of the truck so I could get out. I lived out in the country and there was a small farm across the road from my house with a pasture and a hillside. Upon exiting the truck, I noticed a large object hovering about 8 feet above the ground that had a fireball appearance. This was only about 75 yards from us. Both my friends saw the same thing. There was a very low hissing type of sound coming from the object. At first, we thought is was a tall bush burning, but there were no bushes there to burn, and obviously none that would be 8 feet tall. After watching the fireball object for about a minute, the! large object started slowly rising up toward the sky and then shot up in the sky at a very high rate of speed. The night was very clear and one could see every star in the sky on that night. Not a cloud anywhere. After the large fireball reached, what appeared to be the edge of earth's atmosphere, it split into two with a slightly smaller fireball now trailing right behind it. Almost immediately after that, the trailing fireball split into two and there were 3 fireballs streaking toward space. Each fireball disappeared from sight as it reached far enough out in space to be out of sight. I have told very few people about this incident and am not sure if my friends have told anybody as I have not seen them in a very long time. I no longer live in Spring City and now live in Ashland City, TN which is just north of Nashville, TN. We all had no doubt that this was some sort of craft from somewhere other than this planet. Since then, I have thought about this incident many times in an attempt to define what this craft may have been. Not sure if it was some sort of major alien craft, but feel now that it could very likely have been some sort of probe sent here from another craft in space. But that's just speculation. I do, however, know that this was not something man made, and that there was no one at the observation site other than the 3 of us. I have no further information to disclose regarding this sighting.


Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD

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