Occurred: 1974-04-01 13:00:00 Local
Location: Mill Valley, CA, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: stell
No of observers: 4
Reported: 2009-12-26 10:26:51 Pacific
Posted: 2010-02-14 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

mill valley ca. round short time 12-15 mintues white lights over milly valley, and 91 freeway in los angeles ca.

Hi: there i would like to report a ufo, that, i seen and talked with , not with mouth movements but from the brain. they were talking with me, saying things like were washing you.not telling me way. but for some reason they were just washing us. i was toll. it would only talk to me and my room mates, at the time wanted to no, way they was'n t talking to them. i asked them way was i the only one that thet were talking with, i dont remember, what the reason was,but to let the rest of the house, no that i way not telling a lie, are makeing up the story, there was a board up on the lage, that had been there for all the time we lived there.at the same time the board was moved,(there was no way any one could get to the board its was to far to reach.

it wake up every one in the house at the same time,this is what they did to let the rest of the house people no that i was not talling a lie. they said they would let them no.

that all i was toll. and it came to pass. and every one new this.because the board was moved to the ground,every one heard it there was no wen rain are nothing like this happening i talked to them for weeks, i sceen them one nite,from the right side of my eyes only but looking straight, at them i could not see them.they would come to me again in san francisco, willing to talk to me.just saying were just washing you. i painted a big picture of what they looked like to me, one was round one was squar, one was tryangel and the other had a look that i've never seen, cant make out what it looked liked. just that they were all tall. 7=8 feet big bodys i had to look up , i'm 6 feet for years i had not heard from them. then one early nite about 6 or 7 i heard the voices comeing in to my head, and there it was just about 200 feet above the 91 freeway in los angeles ca. 19 90 i could see a big round long lighted ship all bright with lights, just setting there. i got off the freeway and just washed it til it just went in to the sky.

there has not been no other contact, just the thoughts of what has happen to me. i've toll this story to many of persons,i've never had any other contacts as of to day. i just wanted you to no this. this is a true story..time will tell because i belive they will come back again, some time in the future, they said they will...


Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD

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