NUFORC UFO Sighting 70513

Occurred: 2009-06-14 23:00 Local
Reported: 2009-06-15 11:06 Pacific
Duration: 10 Minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Gainesville, VA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

Virginia UFO Flashes Back to Spectators

I'm not sure what has been going on in the Gainesville Virginia area or if you've received other sightings in the vicinity but I can tell you first hand that something is going on here.

Being an Astronomer I often keep my eyes on the night time sky(with or without a telescope). Over the last couple weeks I've continued to notice multiple balls of lights rising in the Eastern horizon,the lights seem to be rising out of the Bull Run Battlefield in the Direction of Washington DC. These multiple lights will slowly rise than after a few minutes they would have risen so high you could know longer see them. I figured they were airplanes and since I couldn't get a closer look I wasn't convinced these lights were anything unusual and certainly not paranormal. That all changed last night when I was finally able to get a closer look at these amazing lights.

My wife and I decided to take a walk since the temperature had cooled from the heat earlier in the day. Just as we got to the top of our neighborhood(an area that is very dark and gives you a excellent 360 degree view of the night time sky)we noticed a very bright amber light rising from the NE Horizon. The light raised straight up, I would estimate approximately 5,000 feet. When the light raised to the estimated 5,000 feet it stopped and remained stationary for several minutes. The light then started drifting slowly towards the SW. Since it was dark we brought along with us a small flashlight. Coincidentally the flashlight had a small red laser light attached. As the light drifted and was now due East from us I got the laser light and flashed it a couple times towards this anomaly. This is still difficult to fully understand but as soon as I finished flashing the laser light the light in the sky stopped. It completely stopped and was just silently hovering due East from our position. I said to my wife "you don't think the light stopped because I flashed the laser do you". As we stood their stunned and watching the light I decided to flash the laser a couple more times. Any skepticism that I had prior to this sighting all ended when this light unbelievably flashed back at us in four bright intervals-Flash-Flash---Flash-Flash. Unable to believe my eyes I flashed my light again at the light. At this point the brightness of the light which was still stationary started to dim to where we could barely see it. The light then started to move directly up and continued on this path until it was know longer visible.

This was an unbelievable experience and one that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Thank You

Posted 2009-08-05

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