NUFORC UFO Sighting 70263

Occurred: 1985-06-20 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2009-05-29 20:16 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Kankakee, IL, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

On the evening of June 20, 1985 I observed what appeared to be an Unidentified Flying Object at around 21:00 hrs.

At the time, I was south bound on Kennedy Dr. in the City of Kankakee, Il. During this immediate time of the sighting, I looked out of my driver's window, looking east and observed an object which was a Cylinder shape in a stationary position, not moving at all. It looked as if it was 150-200 ft off the ground.

The Cylinder shaped object appeared to be very large, long in size and had blinking multi-colored lights along the side, in a straight single row. The tail appeared to have a yellowish-orange glowing tail, which appeared to me like an after burner on jet aircraft.

This object appeared to be hovering in place. I am presently a Helicopter pilot and have been around all types of aircraft and this was not an aircraft. It looked almost cigar shaped.

After witnessing this object, my view was obstructed by approximately one city block of trees for approximately 10 seconds before my view was opened up again. At this time the object was gone, completely out of sight and not seen again. The distance from where I observed the object, it appeared to be stationary over the down town area of Kankakee, which was 4-5 blocks east from where I was at that time.

I never told anyone, except my wife. I have always been a skeptical person but that sighting convinced me of what I had seen.

A couple days after, the Kankakee Daily Journal newpaper printed a sighting of the same thing I had seen, by a couple living in rural Grant Park, Il which is 12 miles east of Kankakee.

I hope you take this information as truth and not a hoax.

Thank You! ((name deleted))


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

Posted 2009-06-09

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