Occurred: 1981-08-15 21:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2009-02-15 16:35 Pacific
Duration: 1-3 Min.
No of observers: 2

Location: Vichy, MO, USA

Shape: Unknown

8/15/1981, 9:00pm, vibrating/huming/revolving/digital sounds, lasted 1-3 minutes, posted 2/15/09

On this august evening my wife and I were visiting my brother and his wife. After my wife and I got in the car and started the deisel engine we heard a strange sound coming from a valley behind my brothers house. The sound was a revolving deep vibrating hum with various digital tones. This humming got so close we could feel this sound on our skin (kind of like standing in front of a loud speaker). By that time we were both standing outside the car with the engine turned off. We could not see anything in the black sky, we only heard and felt this vibrating hum with digital tones. After a minute or two it slowly drifted back down into the valley until we could no longer hear it. We ran back to my brothers house to ask them if they had heard anything which they didn't because of a window air conditioning unit running and making plenty of noise. We then called the Rolla/Vichy air port (only three miles north) to inquire about anything in our area on their radar which there wasn't. My brother's house is in a very small comunity of not more than 100 people. His closest neighbor was 3/4 miles away.

Posted 2009-03-19

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