NUFORC Sighting 67649

Occurred: 1969-08-15 19:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-12-26 13:33 Pacific
Duration: 5-7 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: El Cajon, CA, USA

Shape: Other

A creature crossed my path and ordered me not to hurt it, as I was driving at the time.

When: August 1969. Aprox. 7:00 PM.

Where: El Cajon, California on the road to Dehesa above the golf course at the crest of the hill traveling east from El Cajon past the golf course and on to the Dehesa area where our mobile home was hooked up.

Weather: Warm, clear and still light evening with good visibility.

Traffic: None in either direction at the time.

Personal Physical/Mental condition: I was returning home after a challenging and rewarding match of class B handball at the La Mesa YMCA. I was an accomplished athlete at the time and was driving home to my family showered, refreshed, comfortable, well rested, in excellent condition and sober.

Event: As I was negotiating the paved roadway, following the lazy turn to the left at the top of the hill, a creature strode up from the steep hillside on my right and without breaking stride, looked directly at me and directed me to, "DON’T HURT I." ((witness recognizes grammatical error in telepathic message. PD)) The three words were clear and precise but without sound. The powerful engine sounds did nothing to dampen the order. My mind heard the words, not my ears.

I backed off the accelerator and slowed slightly while the creature completed its brisk upright walk across the road from right to left (south to north) and up the cut bank on my left.

At no time did the creature break stride or exhibit any difficulty managing the steep terrain, especially going up the man-made and much steeper cut. It was as it stepped onto the pavement that it regarded my presence and sent its order not to hurt it.

Had I so desired, I could have run it down. I estimate my speed before slowing to be around 45 MPH but was not conscious of my speed at the time, nor did I look at the speedometer either during or after the event. Higher speeds are dangerous at that spot in the road.

What struck me was the creature appeared to me a bright blue—sky blue and intense. It was clothed in a neat double-breasted tight fitting or tailored suit with matching pants and a flat-brimmed hat. Exposed skin was exactly the same color as the clothing (sky blue). I could see no wrinkles or folds as the creature progressed across my path.

The creature had almond-shaped eyes and a tiny mouth but otherwise was basically human size and human shaped.

During my next trip through that stretch of road, two days later, I parked and examined the spot where the creature had emerged. The terrain is steep with native trees and Chaparral, which makes a difficult hike for anyone, yet this creature had no difficulty climbing it. I also tried to climb up the 5-6 foot cut bank but could not scramble up without clawing and grabbing handholds and footholds, yet the creature easily strode up the angled hillside upright without straining.

I felt no fear at the time and I wish I had taken the time to try to communicate with it but driving at that location takes concentration.


Source of report indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. One of two excellent reports from the same source, who we know well. He formerly served in the U. S. military, and he held a high security clearance. Please see his other sighting report, Wenatchee, WA, for August 15, 1979. PD

Posted 2009-01-10

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