Occurred: 1981-08-15 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-10-25 11:30 Pacific
Duration: 20 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Cambridge, OH, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Multiple objects of differing size and possible jet intervention seen in late evening sky over rural area of Ohio, early 1980's.

I was going to bed late one evening and I noticed some lights in the distance through my bedroom window. My room was on the north side of the building and the window is a north facing window. The area where I lived was 2 miles north of town. Pop. 12,000 in the town, 40,000 in whole the county. As I approached the window to see what they were, I observed over 10 small lights which alternately flashed blue, green, and reddish orange. They all seemed to be moving in a hap-hazard manner. I then noticed further up in the sky a much larger elongated craft, this object had the same color lights around it with the exclution of of the reddish-orange. I noticed a steady white light on the bottom of craft off to one end. This white light was not flashing but appeared to be from an internal light source. The distance from my location seemed to be at least a half mile at other end of a valley. The larger object was stationary throughout the sighting till the very end. I aproximate the size to be at least 200 to 300 feet long and 75-100 feet accross. The smaller lights may have been 10-15 feet across. Upon seeing this i called my mother who was in her room adjancet to mine. She looked out her window and observed the same scene. The smaller objects began to move up to the larger craft and back down below the horizon. After 20-30 seconds i spotted the objects rising back to larger craft. After 8 to 9 minutes of this action, I heard a loud roaring sound. We noticed 2 objects heading toward the larger craft but they were different from the others. As soon as i noticed them the smaller objects started to disappear inside the larger craft. The larger craft began to move away from the approaching objects, slowly at first, then at a great speed till it disappeared from view. The approaching objects gave off a loud roaring sound that gave me to believe they were some type of jets. The pursuing objects suddenly had 2 large bright orangish white lights at rear, (I assumed afterburners). The large craft well out ! accelera ted the pursuing objects as they approached the area it occupied. After this sighting, my mother was quite un-nerved and had to sit down for 45 minutes to calm down. Side note: in the area it is very rural and only a few families lived in the area below the where the craft were spotted. Also the closest airbase is at least 80 miles to the west in Columbus, Ohio.


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2008-10-31

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