Occurred: 1995-08-20 13:45 Local
Reported: 1995-08-22 00:00 Pacific

Location: Colonial Beach, VA, USA


To whom it may concern:

Someone on the Internet gave me this email address to report a UFO sighting.

I'm not sure what you want but I'll give you a few details:

My fiance' and I were driving down Route 3 East in Virginia, I think we had passed Route 301, and were heading towards Colonial Beach. This was Sunday, August 20 1995, at 1345 EST.

We both saw a bright reflection in the sky, the sun was reflecting off of it and we thought it was an airplane. I guess it turned a little because the brightness stopped.

We both watched for a few seconds, and noticed it didn't have any wings or tail like an airplane would have. It was cigar shaped, (it looked like a 747 w/o wings or a tail).

All of a sudden it was gone! I looked down at the road for a second (I was driving), looked back up and couldn't find it. My fiance' said it just disappeared!

Please let me know if any other sightings were reported on the East Coast this weekend. Was I seeing things?

I've always believed in UFO's but I never thought I'd see one!

((name and address deleted))

Posted 2000-12-02

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