Occurred: 1973-05-01 14:00:00 Local
Location: Brownfield, TX, USA
Shape: Light
Duration: 90 min
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2008-09-24 16:05:37 Pacific
Posted: 2008-10-31 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Silent ,bright hovering light, seemed to be teasing us, for miles of desolate highway.

On a lonely highway 14:00 hr ,what appeared to be a porch light 2-300 yds south followed the car 15-20 miles staying right outside drivers window.I woke up my wife to show her,she watched it for app.5 miles, then it shot toward the car & upward shining light into back glass, appearing to be a spotlamp about 3 ft dia. 150 yds. above & slightly at rear of vehicle.Object stayed in this position 10 miles.blinding light.When we started entering Brownfield city limits, light shot up in SE looking like a bright star.We stopped in closed food store parking lot where a cop was parked. We decided not to say anything all we could say was that star right there has been following us.When we left the town the light came back just over our backglass again.About another 5 min of this blinding light was all I was going to take.I pulled over to the shoulder, got out opened my trunk,Pulled out a pistol,telling my wife I've had all I'm gonna take,when I pulled the gun from the trunk,the light,making no noise shot up to the south sky looking like a star again,and stayed there until we arrived in Hobbs N.M.


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

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