Occurred: 2008-08-01 23:00 Local
Reported: 2008-08-04 12:18 Pacific
Duration: 3 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Gladstone, MO, USA

Shape: Light

Ok,I actually have had 2 really strange occurrences within the last few nights.My neighbors and I have always watched the skies,hoping to see an otherwordly craft,and we always saw these strange crazy blinking lights that looked like strobes in the sky,so we would always look at the sky while we were outside smoking,talking,etc.,hoping to figure out what they were.However,if i thought those were wierd,they are NOTHING compared to what I have seen the last few nights.On aug 1st,I was outside talking to a neighbor,had the kids out for a while,just hanging out.All of a sudden I saw this light in the corner of my eye,cause I'm always looking up at the sky,So I looked to my right and saw what looked like a ball of light go across the sky from my right,to left,for about 3 seconds,and then just disappeared in the middle of the sky!!(had no light trail at all!!)I freaked out,and told everyone about it!!The wierder thing was that it traveled quite a distance,from our view looking up to the sky,the length it traveled would be about the length of 2 rulers,and a little more,so actually up in the sky,it's alot further than that,and it was gone in about 3 seconds!!So,the next night we look,we don't see anything.Last night,had 2 very strange occurrences,1st time,my neighbor and I were sitting out front,talking about our days,random goofy things,life,and so on,and then we got on the subject of the object I had seen 2 nights before.So I was showing her using gestures and what not,what I had seen,where it disappeared at,etc,when we both saw this bright light out in front of us(in the sky,but in the distance in front of us)and it was moving upward very slowly,and it was as bright as a bright star,same size as a big bright star,very wierd!!So it was moving slowly upward,then it started moving left,and as it did,the light kept fading more and more,and then it just disappeared!!We both freaked out like where did it go,and kept watching the whole sky waiting for it to appear again,in case it went behind a cl! oud,you know?didn't see anything in the spot where it disappeared,but not even 30 seconds later,it appeared above us!!Very high,looked like a star,but it was bright again,and this time moving to the right across the sky,a little faster,too.The light actually seemed to pulsate or something once,because it looked extremely bright for a second,and then faded,and disappeared,again!!!We watched for an hour after that,and didn't see it again,but we were both freaked out!!However,about 10 min. after we saw it disappear the second time,we see those crazy blinking lights in the sky,like 5 or six different ones,which I believe to be some type of plane,not passenger,too small.Connection,or coincidence???Ok,thought that was it?NOOOO!We told my boyfriend,who was inside and always misses everything,so I told him we would sit out there together and watch the sky,see if we see anything.My parents live next door to me,so at about 3am(yes,that late,lol)we were all sitting out there watching the sky,talking about what me and my friend saw,talking about god,the end of the world,etc.,and about 45 min into the conversation,I see up above me,where I had seen the last one,a bright light that looked just like a star,moving across the sky to the right,moving at a med pace.My dad sees it,and we're watching it and the light gets dimmer and dimmer,as it moves along,and I kept saying(watch,it's gonna disappear,i bet you,watch!)Sure enough,it does!!Completely disappeared!My boyfriend didn't see it,so I started getting excited,saying,kinda loud,(how did you not see that?!!!You didn't see that at all?!!)And all of a sudden my dad And my boyfriend were both like whoa what was that?And I said what?The whole sky had flashed blue for a split second,and him and my dad saw it,but i was too busy yelling at him,that I freakin missed it!!!The whole sky,both of them said!!!And there was no storm,no clouds,no lightning before,or after!!Craziest night of my life period!!If you ever are looking at the stars in the sky ,watch closely,because one of them may ! not be a star!!!

Posted 2008-08-12

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