NUFORC Sighting 64971

Occurred: 1977-08-10 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-08-03 08:05 Pacific
Duration: 5 hours?
No of observers: 2

Location: Hazard, KY, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams

Probable abduction

Not exactly sure as to date but certain on month and year. My girlfriend and I were exploring the backroads and small towns of the Appalachias and camping out of the back of my 1970 VW Squareback station wagon. It slept two quite nicely. And I'm 6'4". We were a couple of hippie kids in our early twenties and I had found a dirt road off of US 421 at about 7:00pm as it was still daylight. This road had a lot of switchbacks and it was mainatined by Ashland Oil Company as we had seen multiple signs along this dirt road. I drove off of US 421 for approximately 15 miles and up to an elevation that might have been several hundred feet higher than where I had turned onto the dirt road. I stopped beneath a beautiful rock cliff that stretched about 100' above where I'd parked. The cliff was due east and a thickly forrested and very steep drop off was to our west. The car was oriented front facing north. We got our Hibachi out and cooked a couple small steaks and some veggies on it and hand about a third of a bottle of red wine between the two of us. We sat and talked as it got dark and we could make out a narrow band of sky and stars above us but most of the sky was no visible due to the cliff and the trees. At about 10:00 pm we decided to call it a night and settled into the VW for a good night's sleep. It was warm but nice and the sky was clear the humidity was low and there were no bugs so it was a beautiful night for sleeping. We had the hatch open on the VW with the rear seats folded down and the front seats folded forward as to aloow as much length for stretching out as possible so I would say that my feet were probably about 6"-10" inside the car and my girlfriend was on my right side.

I woke up and only could open my eyes but could not move. There was a LOT of brilliant blue white light (like an electric arc welder only more) shining into the car from BELOW our elevation, coming up the steep slope to the west. I could tell that it was from that origin due to the light shining onto the ceiling of the car and not down into the car. I must have been on my right side as I could see the VDO dash clock and it said it was about 1:00 am. I should not have been able to see that clock as we were in the middle of nowhere and it had been pitch dark when we turned off the dome light at 10:00.

Sometime later a awoke again and this time I was lying on my back which struck me as odd as I had never slept on my back. I was looking at the headliner of the car and all I do was move my eyes. There was a very even blue white light illuminating the inside of the car at this point but it was not very bright. As I looked to my left I could see the B-Pillar moving away from my field of vision and I realized that I was moving out of the back of the car, flat on my back, unable to move. I had the very definite sensation that there was something/someone moving around outside the rear of the car. I immediatley thought 'bears'. I remember struggling to move but all I could do was move my eyes and the last thing I remembered was seeing the inside of the hatch window glide by and out of sight.

The next morning was very strange as my girlfriend and I barely talked, tossed our stuff into the VW and drove to the nearest town in search of a restroom with plenty of cold water to splash on. We made it to Hazard Kentucky and there was a little festival going on in town. When I found a restaraunt I went to the men's room and immediately noticed that I had about four days beard growth when I had shaved just 24 hours before. My girlfriend was in even worse shape as she had started her period just the day before and she said that she was a "mess". We both felt as though we had been drugged as we were kind of woozy and I remember pain in my neck and lower back and she reported pain as well.

We didn't really talk much about that experience for the next six years. We were married for five of those years and the experience only came up once or twice.

Thirteen years later in Bloomington,Indiana I was reading a book by Whitly Streiber and another book about abductions that I just happened upon at the county library and I flipped to the photos in the center of the book and there were B&W photos of "scoop marks" on people's shins/lower legs. I about dropped the book because I knew that I had three perfectly proportioned scars on my right leg that were perfect matches to the photos I was looking at. I had know for years that I had these scars but I had never really questioned their origin.... That struck me as really weird because I can account for every little scar on my carcass but not these. And they are deep and would have been into the bone based on their dimensions.

I've seen floating, dimly lit orbs once before this event when I was about ten and once after when I was about twenty-eight. That's pretty much it.....

I worked in high energy accelerator physics for about seventeen years after this event and I felt that it was possibly some sort of abduction event even though I was immersed daily in hard scientific facts.

Feel free to contact me only if you feel that I may be of help to you.


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2008-08-12

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