NUFORC UFO Sighting 63872

Occurred: 2008-06-10 21:00 Local
Reported: 2008-06-13 16:13 Pacific
Duration: 15 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Shape: Unknown

June 10-12 saw bright light stopping and going;dissapearing while watching; assumed satellites changing direction

6-10-08 I went out on the back porch to smoke a cigarette around 9pm and while doing that I looked up at the sky like I usually do hoping to see a shooting star because I live out in the boonies somewhat, so I can see the whole sky really good. What caught my attention was a bright light up and southward, I said “wow that sure is a big bright star” after looking at it about 2-3 seconds it started moving south for about 3-4 seconds then it stopped for 1-2 seconds then started moving again for about 2-3 seconds then stopped again for 1-2 seconds, at that time I was right outside the door so I rushed in to grab my binoculars, because that was just weird, which took about 3 seconds, when I came back out and looked at it was still moving south for about 4-5 seconds then got dim real quick and disappeared. I’m not sure what it was; while looking through my weak binoculars I couldn’t really make anything out, I couldn’t get them to focus in time.

6-11-08 As usual I was out on the back porch smoking, not sure probably around 9 or 10pm, and of course I looked up at the sky and I can usually see satellites often, well I spotted one heading north as I watched it for about 8 seconds, it got real bright for about 4-5 seconds still moving then got dim quickly as I followed it with my eyes until I couldn’t see it anymore lasting about 4 seconds.

6-12-08 Weird enough, it was about 10:30-11pm at the time, and I was talking to my mom over the phone out on the back porch; as I was talking to her I was looking up at the sky, and saw a satellite directly overhead heading north so I followed it with my eyes for about 8 seconds while still talking on the phone and I started laughing at mom and looked down from the sky about 3 seconds then looked back up again and saw the same satellite going the opposite way southward, I am just freaked out a little from the past 3 days of weird stuff in the sky, I don’t know if this means anything , but I’ve been trying to see online if anyone has seen any of these for the past 3 days and so far I have nothing.

Posted 2008-07-05

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