Occurred: 1964-05-05 01:00:00 Local
Location: Rangely, CO, USA
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 15 minutes?
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2008-05-19 08:17:19 Pacific
Posted: 2008-06-12 00:00:00


I was about 4-5 years old. I woke up in the middle of night and found myself alone in the house! It was dark. I looked out the window and into the neighbor's kitchen. Saw a being there, facing my neighbor, and the neighbor was seated. The being had something in his hand, and when he jutted it toward my neighbor, my neighbor jerked, like being shocked. I gasped. The being immediately turned and looked at me. I ran and did the only thing I could think of...I tried to hide under my bed. But the bed was low to the ground and I could only get my head and shoulders under it. It was too heavy for me to lift. I was terrified. I waited and then heard soft footsteps on the wood floor. The being was in the house. It came to the door and I believe stood in the door looking at me. I fainted.

Have written in detail a number of times, only to never hear back from anyone. There are other events too:

1. My mother had an encounter, possibly that same night.

2. My mother saw a cigar-shaped craft.

3. My mother and I were on a trip together and both lost about 2 hours of time on the trip.

4. I had dental x-rays that showed a piece of metal in the front of my mouth below the teeth, in the gums. A few years later another x-ray was taken that showed nothing.

5. I saw 5 football-shaped craft with stubby wings, flying in a circle.

6. I saw 5 "stars" high in the sky one night in Montana. There were 4 in corners and one in the center. They moved together in formation.

7. Another incident that defies category. I was camping in a car overnight. Everyone in the campground had seemingly disappeared. There were cars and campers but no people. Fog, I felt drugged, something was outside. The car lights seemed dim and yellowish.

8. "weather balloon" hovering over my schoolyard. It appeared to be a spherical paper-white craft (unlike any weather balloon, but that is what we were told).


Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD

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