NUFORC Sighting 62643

Occurred: 2008-04-21 20:00 Local
Reported: 2008-04-22 01:32 Pacific
Duration: 15 min. or less
No of observers: 0

Location: Phoenix (north of), AZ, USA

Shape: Formation

I am relaying, a Sightings Location and Proximity to possible Key Investigative Areas of Intrest..

I did not personally witness this event however, I have just seen a report of it on the local NBC affiliate - Channel 12 KPNX Phoenix Az. This report aired during the 10:00 p.m. broadcast. This Sighting(which WAS FILMED also) occured in the Northern Portion of Phoenix. The Sighting was reported from North (18500 n. block) 7th Street and Union Hills(Street Intersection) Area. The area is mostly Housing, with the 101-Pima Freeway(Runs East and West) located 1 mile North of the 7th Street and Union Hills Intersection. To the N.W. (appx.) 2.5 miles of the Intersection, is "Deer Valley Airport". East of the Airport are small mountains and Desert area. The Lights filmed were "Definately Not" Conventional Aircraft. There were 4 Points of light, White and they maintained no consistant shape or formation. They occasionaly blinked and moved. Then each one "winked out". And were gone.. The Report was fresh, So Details are yet to be reported, Reguarding: Movement,Direction(s),Color Variations, Behaviour(s) and any Related Anomilies ect. Being a Native of Phoenix for 48+ years, I can attest that Peculiar Lights are... On, Or just above the Mountains around the valley fairly often. Usually, They seem to "Hang Out" alot around or near the TV/Radio/Microwave Towers on the Mts. Or on the Mts. Peaks and Ridges. They have Demonstraited Deliberate, Evasive(and)Invasive type Behaviour(s)By Mimicking; Tower(Beacon)Lights,Stars,Car Headlights, even Traffic Signal Lights. And By Adjusting their size, You can't really approximate their distance.(They can appear distant, And possibly large. But, Actually be Very Small and "Uncomfortably Close".)They are Brilliant at Being Deceptive. They "Pretend" To be a Distant Aircraft in the Sky, Stars, or a Car on a far off road. They can Blend into Reflection(s), And Match Their Immediate Background(s)Scenery..

Posted 2008-06-12

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