NUFORC Sighting 62630

Occurred: 2008-04-19 23:55 Local
Reported: 2008-04-20 00:50 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Shape: Rectangle

Large Dark Glowing Semi Rectangled object chased by plane in the Sky at about 2000 feet a few minutes before midnight in Santa Cruz Ca.

I see planes cross the night sky every night. I am used to spotting commercial planes going to San Jose Airport and Military Planes going to the base coming inland off the coast as I watch the stars nightly. Last night right before midnight I had an urge to get up and went outside to peak at the moon, which was either full or very close. Clouds covered the moon partially. The rest of the sky was clear. It was a beautiful small cloud formation. Others must have seen this. Although you had to be paying close attention.

I suddenly saw an object. It was glowing, but had no lights. It glowed evenly around the craft with a slight green hue. It was more like seeing a giant shadow. It was large, massive, sort of rectangle but it had an angle that slimmed to the nose. It made no noise but the shear size of the object caused my heart to skip and me to involuntarily verbally blurt "Holly SHi%T!" I waited to see the shadow appear from under the clouds where I would really see it as it was not that high in the sky, maybe 2000 feet. I was a bit scared in honesty. It was so big and silent. It quickly came out of the clouds and what I saw was a huge glowing semi rectangular object move quickly across the sky. I could clearly see its underbelly. It was being followed by a large plane. It was not a civilian plane but it could not keep up with the craft. It certainly got a better view than I did. The underbelly had no visible markings, very stealthy. The size really shook me. It was like half the size of the giant craft in Independence Day, minus the lights etc. It was just a smooth surface glowing with a very defined shape. I would have to draw it.

The sound of the sound barrier breaking thundered when the UFO left. This could of been the plane pursuing it as it was escalating in speed. The UFO was just there and passed out of view from the building as did the plane as the sound went off.

The craft was gone very quickly but I know what I saw. If it was not a UFO unless the military has some very fast, dark, glowing planes of strange dimension they are testing.

The UFO seemed as if it was gliding effortlessly and with no sound. I could hear the plane as it came closer.

I must admit it looked just very much like the only other UFO I have ever seen with my own eyes and with my mother very close up around 1973. I can find the exact date as we had a family death later that night. I was young. It was within miles of here. 20 other people saw it as the paper wrote it up the next day. It glowed the same way and was shaped the same. But in 73 it hovered right above the trees so close my mom drove off the road and we just stared and said nothing until it just disappeared.

This craft looked the same but was moving where the one in 73 scared us both simply due to its size and left so fast, we did not see it move. I never forgot that night and the strange dark huge glowing object, only to see it again nearly 37 years later. It was just as ominously as the first encounter.

I had no time to grab my camera.


Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD

Posted 2008-06-12

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