NUFORC Sighting 62569

Occurred: 2008-04-10 04:00 Local
Reported: 2008-04-11 19:59 Pacific
Duration: 10 min
No of observers: 1

Location: Nevada, TX, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

On April 10 2008 @ about 4am bight lights heading in from the east towards my house.

On the morning of April 10, 2008 at about 4 am I was awoken by a phone call from my daughter telling me that there was a possible tornado heading straight for my house. I turned on the news to find out this line of rotation expanded over several cities and was coming towards me from the east. At about the time the storm was to hit my house , my satellite went out.

I went out the back door to watch and see if I could hear or see anything. It was quiet except for the thunder. As I was watching I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye coming from the west. I thought that it was stupid for a plane to be flying directly into a storm of such great magnitude. Then I saw the flash again only closer. I still could not believe this plane was still heading directly into a possible tornado. I turned to look at the plane and realized immediately there was something not right.

When I turned to look at the plane... there was not only one light but a whole line of lights aligned perfectly in a row. I could see them over my tree line. The lights were very bright and all of them were flashing. I tried to rationalize of what it could be. The lights were too close together to be planes or helicopters flying next to each other. I tried to hear an engine or a propeller and I could not hear anything. I was terrified because I realized it was not several objects ... but one big one and it was getting closer and closer.

I started screaming and was trying to reach my husband by cell phone ...but he would not answer. I started to think he would think I was crazy, so I tried to take a picture with my cell phone. I was shaking too much to time it right. Every time I would take the picture, the lights would be off. The 4th time I went to take a picture I looked up and froze. I did not realize how close it had gotten. I t was huge. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for anyone to hear.

I started to rationalize calling 911 ....I did not want anyone to think I was crazy. Then it had gotten so close that I did not care who thought I was crazy. As I opened the phone to call.....It thundered to the west of me and it startled me so I turned to look ..and the storm was hitting my property line. I immediately turned back to the east of me and the lights were dropping down below the tree line. I was scared to death that it had landed...but I could not tell.

The light flashes seemed to slow down and continue about three more times and then nothing.

They just stopped flashing all together. Nothing happened . I have never been so scared in my entire life. I felt I could not call the police because there was nothing for them to see. It just seemed to vanish. I stayed staring at the tree line and crying for over an hour waiting for the sun to rise enough to assure myself there was nothing there anymore.

I never thought I would be the one telling an UFO story. All I can tell you that what I saw was not anything like I have ever seen. I do believe what I saw was an UFO. If anybody can prove to me of what I saw was something different...please do. I have not slept very well since this has happened.

Posted 2008-04-17

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