NUFORC Sighting 62566

Occurred: 2008-04-10 21:30 Local
Reported: 2008-04-10 22:41 Pacific
Duration: about 8 seconds
No of observers: 0

Location: Arcata, CA, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

I saw a bright and big star-like object at night floating over a university weight room gym after I exited the facility.

Date- April 10, 2008
Location- Arcata, California Outside front entrance of Humboldt State University Weight Room on the staircase going downward to the men’s locker room.

Time- About 9:30 pm, nighttime Time Started Writing this Report- About 10:00 pm Just about a half hour ago, I finished my workout at the Humboldt State University weight room. I walked out of the facility through the front entrance. It was nighttime, and the moon was shaped like a smile. I saw clear stars in the sky. There was one bright light that I thought was a star when I first saw it. However it was a big star and it was moving. It actually looked more like it was glowing than twinkling like a normal star. It was not moving fast or slow, but at medium speed. No light was blinking on it like I would see on a normal airplane. As it moved it looked as if it was slightly wiggling from side to side. It looked as if it was more floating than flying. The movement of the light seemed very smooth, unlike an airplane that deals with wind resistance. Even as it moved almost directly above me, it was a big bright light directly facing me the whole time, like the image of a very big or bright star. Normally when an airplane flies over me, the brightest front light of the plane faces the direction that the plane is moving. An airplane front light does not continually face me as it passes over me, as it looked with this flying object I saw. When an airplane passes over me, I usually see some kind of blinking light(s) on its wings and/or underbelly.

It might have even been bigger than any star I ever saw. It made no noise as it moved. As it kept moving, it gradually started dimming, and eventually disappeared, where I saw just a little light before it totally faded into the night sky woodwork. Keep in mind that this sighting happened all during the course of about seven or eight seconds.

Also keep in mind that this was nighttime. There might have been redwood trees that it went behind, and perhaps this was the reason it disappeared. There also might have been fog that it disappeared behind. However immediately after the experience I went to other locations to try and get a different view and angle of the area that I saw the light disappear to see if I could see any stars. Well, in one of my other views, I saw stars, and there did not appear to be fog in that direction.

I am going to return to my sighting location tomorrow during the day to see if some kind of object or redwood trees might have caused the object to disappear from where I was standing at the time of the sighting. I will get back to you on this sighting after I do this, to judge whether or not I feel the flying object actually disappeared, or merely went behind some kind of object like redwood trees.

My code name will be ((deleted)), so you will know who I am.


A Truth Teller

Posted 2008-04-17

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