NUFORC Sighting 62136

Occurred: 1985-04-30 11:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-03-10 20:22 Pacific
Duration: 30m-1hr 1/2
No of observers: 100

Location: Dequincy, LA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Electrical or magnetic effects

Children from small town school see object over town over twenty years ago. It doesn't end there.

Ok from what I can remember, I was attending elementary school in about the mid 80,s, I was about 8-10 yrs old and after lunch we went to the play ground, and on the way, there was talk and children excited about an object in the sky. So I ran to see, when I arrived the teachers and children where pointing in the sky, so I looked an there it was a UFO!!! What ever that ment I didn’t know rather to be excited or scared so I looked at the teachers, they seemed to be fine so it was ok. Thinking back it was very high up possibly miles up and north about one or two o’clock high, at first, at least to me it appeared to be saucer or oval shaped but definitly chrome in color, and It just seemed to set their for awhile it didn’t move at all, what was so exciting about that. At least 30 min went by as the children started playing again, then suddenly the teachers started yelling look!!! When I did It had started changing it’s shape to a tear drop facing down and flickering from a dark chrome color to bright chrome glow, at this time my watch a Dukes of hazard watch started beeping Its horn sound , fuzzy sound but It was beeping and it wouldn’t stop so I covered it with my hands and continued looking, then it fell in like a controlled fall about a third of the way down and stopped again for a few minutes, I started playing with my watch when all at once some of the children said it was falling to the ground, I looked but couldn’t find it for a second until it flickered here an there on the way down until I last seen it just above the tree’s. I don’t know if it had fell to the ground are not but it was definitly falling down. After that we couldn’t see it anymore then we went back to class after observing it for at least 45 minutes. No big deal to me I didn’t even know what UFO was. If I am correct on the date the next day when we returned to school, again after lunch we where playing in the play ground when unexpectedly I’m pretty sure of it are we wouldn’t have been playing out there, the teacher! s starte d yelling at us to leave the play ground, at the same time I Noticed one or two military helicopters just over my head, and that was it for me checkmate I was gone!!! Anyways when we the children had seen that it was the military and they had landed in the play ground we were excited. I remember thinking they were there for us the children and were going to paint our face’s with camouflage like they would at the city fair when they would come. But in full uniform the officers just walked on bye straight to the principles office screw them!!! We later went back to class then soon after my teacher including other teachers where called to the office, and we were subbed by another teacher while she was gone. And that was about it until the next day when we arrived back to school and was told on the intercom that what we had seen was none other than a weather balloon and we were even told on kplc news that it was. So that was that. Go figure!!! Hell I believed It. Until about 20 years later after I had forgotten It all those years, it wasn’t a UFO that’s why I forgot about it until I’d seen a similar event on the history channel, then WOW what had happened all came back. Any way I’m glad I seen this site on the web I haven’t really had it in me to tell this story to any one else around here because I haven’t heard anything about it since don’t want to bring it up again. I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers it around here. Awe one more thing for what its worth just a couple of miles north of my small town of about 3,500 is a large prison compound it could have had a strange appearance from above. And I also seen on the history channel about UFO’s a map showing a UFO crash recovery just about 40-80 miles north of my town. about 40-50 miles north of here is a military base called Fort Polk, I don’t know when the so called recovery took place but it was a long time ago, I guess it would be possible for the craft that I seen to have crashed way up their since it was so high it could have appeared to be c! loser. W ell I guess that’s about It I hope some one else can explain it.


Witness indicates that date is approximate. We have assigned an artificial date. PD

Posted 2008-03-31

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