NUFORC Sighting 62126

Occurred: 1991-09-15 18:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-03-10 10:30 Pacific
Duration: 21 years
No of observers: 10

Location: Greenbrier, AR, USA

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Emitted other objects, Electrical or magnetic effects

Orange or amber balls or orbs of light multiplying and maneuvering beyond known and current aircraft abilities

The events started in 1991. I remember this because my brother had been sent to Iraq for Operation Provide Comfort. It was dark, and it was nearing the fall of the year. My sister (11), myself (12), and my mother (37) were all traveling north on Highway 65 in Greenbrier, AR on the way to a friend’s home. < sighting location 35.2xxxxxx,-92.3xxxxx > We were approaching the center of town which had been marked with a new stop light.

As we approached, I saw a giant ball of amber colored light to the Northwest. It was about 45 degrees from the horizon and about 300 feet out and must have been 30’ in diameter or more. I exclaimed to my mother “oh God, what is that?” I remember having the fear of missile attacks from the war that had been taking place. My mother and my sister both looked on in awe and my mother stated franticly that she didn’t know what it was. After about 10 seconds, the orb started to produce “offspring” which went from dim blips to equivalent phenomenon of the original. They all just popped out and hovered there over the city. We were all panicked. After about 8 more seconds, the orbs appeared to shoot straight out to the North at undeterminable speeds. In a fraction of a second they were at a great distance but then hovered for another moment in formation and then split apart and disappeared into the night again. We continued to see the orbs in single and sometimes double formations several times as we continued to our friend’s home. We didn’t have a cellular phone at the time, but as soon as we arrived at the friend’s home, we called a mutual friend who was a hobbyist astronomer. He too was able to witness the objects and called in an inquiry on all of our behalf to the Air Force. We along with the other friends (totaling 7 on this event) witnessed them for the next couple of hours sporadically in the sky.

The next time that I witnessed these objects was about a year later with my friend. We were playing football in his yard around August of 92. This was the most peculiar time that I have ever been subject to these types of happenings. He lives in the same proximity of the first sightings. < Sighting Location 35.2xxxxx,-92.3xxxxx > As we were tossing the ball back an forth at dusk, there were some scattered patchy clouds in the lower atmosphere, but there was still good visibility. The next sequence of events is almost unbelievable to myself, and I was very near leaving them out because I want to be taken seriously; however in the name of truth and science I will include them. I felt an eerie numb come over me and I fell to my knees with a dumb gaze at the Northern sky. My friend was baffled and ran over to me and was asking “what’s wrong with you dude?” He was curious as to why I had stopped playing and fell down and was gazing up. I was paralyzed, and my stare was fixed directly above his neighbor’s home in a small patch of clouds. He shook me by the shoulder telling me to get up with some concern on his face. I managed to speak. I was able to raise my right arm and point to the focal position that I was fixed on and simply said “watch”. He looked where I told him to look. Nothing appeared at first and he started asking expectantly “what…what do you want me to see?” It was no sooner than he had spoken the words that the first one appeared. A giant orb of amber light appeared over the home, just popping out of the low level cloud formation. My friend looked on in terror and in wonder and begged me to tell him what it was. I was still numb and stuck from a fear or reaction that I cannot to this day explain. Moments later, two more lights formed out of the originator and they hovered in formation by it’s side. They were in the clouds and caused illumination to the particles around them which created an orange glowing haze. The objects came very close to us, and this is the closest that! I have ever been to them in all of my experiences. My friend had his 4 wheeler in the front yard, and he yanked me up off of the ground as he panicked and tried to get us away. The 4 wheeler had worked all day, but when we tried to start it, no ignition took place. After about 5 failed attempts to start the ATV, he dragged me inside the house. He got a gun, and called our friends mother to help us. We huddled down in the house until she arrived. My friend’s mother came to get us later and was amused by the story, until a short time later when she saw what we had told her about. I have continued to see these things, and can document every sighting location. There are at least 4 other significant events that I would be glad to go over if the interest is there. Please let me know if you can put this to use. I am very interested and willing to put forth some effort to document these happenings as I am sure that they can be reproduced. The areas that I am familiar with have been sites where many of my friends and family have witnessed this phenomenon spanning over almost 20 years. My friend’s mother has a friend that has recorded these things on VHS, and I believe that they can be observed possibly with time lapsed equipment or intelligent motion sensing equipment. I personally do not have the means alone to make such productions yet, however I do believe that this is achievable. Thank you for your time in advance, and I can assure you very credible witnesses and contacts are easily produced. One interesting fact about the region where I grew up (and I don’t know if this has/had something to do with the frequency but there used to be subterranean nuclear missile silos within just a couple of miles in both directions of the indicated areas. Although these had been removed for several years before “my” sightings, I feel that it is significant that I mention these because they are the only other source of any sort of combined or specific energy known to be out of the ordinary. Thanks again for your tim! e and un derstanding in advance.


Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD

Posted 2008-03-31

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