NUFORC Sighting 61089

Occurred: 1967-06-30 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2008-01-22 09:38 Pacific
Duration: Uncertain
No of observers: 5

Location: Kansas city, KS, USA

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Emitted beams

Wyandotte county Kansas 1967 object appeared as aircraft suspended midair.

In 1967 I along with several others were in a sparsley poulated area around 1:00 Am and I did observe what I would describe as a World war II airplane with no lights suspended midair.I was driving my 1967 Chevrolet and there were five occupants in the car and all I remember was the airplane first to the left of my car then to right midair facing my vehicle then above my car then facing us in front of a tree and then back again in the same position and emitted a yellowish beam from the rear of the plane and we left the area as I never remember the airplane moving only remember when it was stationary.I drove to a area where there were caves that were used for storage next to a major river close to where the river meets another major river and driving along a gravel road observed an individual facing the road in a green panel van wearing dark black sunglasses as this was in the early morning and dark as I remember telling the others look at that nut and a red light came from behind me as it was a police vehicle county Sherriff's patrol and two deputies got out and all occupants of my vehicle got out and were questioned as to why we were out in this area at this time and I told the deputies we were out looking for UFO'S and they told us to go home after checking our ID's as I thought it was funny that they did not laugh at us or disbelieve our story as we were all teenagers. A week later as I was 19 years old and living at a rooming house as I went to take a shower on the third floor on a Saturday afternoon as I had a date and a young man with long Blond hair and wearing a white outfit and wearing dark sunglasses walked into the restroom and came straight to the shower as I opened the door and he grabbed me by my groin and turned and left. I immediatedly got dressed and went to the lobby to report this to the desk clerk and asked him if he saw a young man with Blond hair wearing dark sunglasses come down and he said no as at that time another man came down and said a young man wearing sung! lasses o pended the shower door on the second floor and turned around and left but did not touch him as he did me. After all this occurred I was exaimed by Doctor's and an exray clearly showed that an object which Doctor's could not identify was lodged near my femur bone as this object is still near my femur bone as I have had exray's taken over the years and as of two years ago this object still near the femur. There is more to this as I married and fathered two daughters and divorced in 1974 and who my exwife married would be of extreme importance to your organization and all UFO investigators.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary date in June 1967. PD

Posted 2008-02-14

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