Occurred: 1974-04-04 07:30:00 Local
Location: Petaluma, CA, USA
Shape: Sphere
Duration: Multiple Events
No of observers: 5
Reported: 2008-01-09 23:36:08 Pacific
Posted: 2008-01-21 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted beams, Landed, Electrical or magnetic effects

Life altering UFO abduction experiences 500 Lights On Object0: Yes

I’m a 47 year old male who’s had a multitude of UFO experiences throughout many years which begins as follows: 1974, one spring morning I was a 13 year old kid living on a farm with my parents on Roblar Rd. Petaluma California. My older brother and I were headed for the school bus just up the road while on our walk we spotted two small red brightly glowing spheres around the size of small basket balls. The red balls came out of some bushes across the road then danced around each other as they hovered in front of my brother and my faces. Both of us were stunned and starred as these hovering balls of light moved around us then proceeded up the middle of the road as they sped off. When the reached the top of the hill they headed straight up then disappeared. My brother and I just looked at each other without saying a word. My brother shrugged his shoulders and shook it off as if he’d just seen something that didn’t exist. The other kids showed up at the bus stop and I asked if any of them saw the lights when one of the kids said, “They were car lights you saw you moron.” I dismissed the incident and really didn’t think any more about it till later in life.

One summer night in 1977 my older brother, two girls and myself were in the Sonoma Mountains in Sonoma County California drinking a few beers like a lot of teens did at the time when my first incident occurred. It was late night, around midnight, my brother and I were standing outside the vehicle while the two girls were inside when my brother pointed to some bushes around a football field away and said, “What the f---- is that?” I looked to where he was pointing and I saw a rather large glowing orange dome just on the other side of the trees. Not knowing what it was I replied, “I don’t know.” I became entranced with the object as it began growing in size getting bigger and bigger. My brother ordered me back in the car and said, “Let’s get out of here.” I said, “No, wait, let’s check it out.” He once again ordered, “Get the f---- in the car little brother or I’m leaving you here.” I jumped in, we took off down the mountains and nothing more was said about it until a few days later when my brother asked, “Do you know what that was we saw in the mountains?” I replied, “I don’t have a clue.” My brother continued and said, “Little brother, that was God!” Thinking he was kind of nuts for saying it I dismissed the conversation. This concluded this incident.

Later on that same year, sometime in the winter evening, I was once again parked close to the same spot in the mountains with a different friend this time. It was around 10:00 pm. And we were talking about things we wondered about. I was saying I wonder why this and this happens when my friend said, “What I wonder is what the hell is that?” He was pointing to an orange harvest moon across town just above the other mountain range. I laughed and replied, “It’s the moon you idiot.” My friend looked dead serious to me then pointed up into the sky then said, “Oh yeah, then what’s that.” He was now pointing at what appeared to be another moon. Being rather shocked I replied, “I don’t know.” We watched as another harvest moon appeared next to the first one in the mountains, soon a third one appeared. “We’ve got to check these things out,“ Said my friend as he started the car and sped across town to the other set of mountains. We weren’t sure exactly where they were so we guessed and headed out Two Rock Road in Petaluma California. When we reached the coast guard base we drove up to the guard tower and asked if they saw three glowing harvest moons in the mountains. Needless to say they treated us as if we were nuts and sent us on our way. That night we never did find the objects or see them anywhere else.

1984, Seven years later, I was around 24 years old working in Healdsburg California. I had to commute from Petaluma California to Healdsburg which was around a 45 minute drive everyday which I had to be at work by 6:00 AM. Needless to say I had to get up pretty early in the morning to make it there. I’ve always been a very anal person always making it to work at least 20 minutes early so I could have enough time to relax, drink some coffee and back in those days, smoke some cigarettes. This incident is a weird one as I didn’t remember most of what I’m writing about until much later in life. Anyway, I left to work one day at the same time that I always left then headed up Highway 101 north to Healdsburg. I remember leaving the town of Santa Rosa Heading North and driving through what used to be the usual desolate area of Windsor. As I was driving suddenly I started feeling very tired when I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed two very bright lights, speeding up on me. I thought to myself who’s this idiot going this fast? As the lights approached the rear of my vehicle my car slowed down to a stop. I remember trying to give it gas but it wouldn’t move. Suddenly the car went completely dead and all I could see were very bright lights behind me. I remember wondering what was going on. The lights moved from the rear of my vehicle rising above my car, when suddenly I hear a loud bumping noise much like a tow truck would make as it lifts up a car. I felt my car being lifted off the ground. I tried opening the doors but they were locked. I remember jumping into the back seat and trying the rear door but it was locked. I remember white light all around me and being totally petrified. The next thing I remember was sitting in the driver seat with my engine running but parked off on the side of the road. I shook my head in disbelief and wondered what happened if anything. I stepped on the gas an my car took off up highway 101 as I headed to Healdsburg. I seriously didn’t know what happened and wondered if an! ything d id happen at all. I arrived to work, went in and poured a cup of coffee like I usually did. I lit up a smoke when and noticed one of my co-workers working. I asked, “Hey D--, why are you here so early?” D-- looked at me, laughed and replied, “Why are you so late?” I asked, “Late, what do you mean? I’m not late.” He laughed again and said, “You idiot, you’re 20 minutes late.” Being a little bewildered I put out my smoke then headed to the time clock where I realized he was right, I wasn’t only 20 minutes late but, rather 40 as I usually arrived 20 minutes early every day. When I got home both my wife and I checked our clocks and none of them were off. There were 40 minutes missing from my day.

1987 Three years later I was around 27 years old living in a cottage on a hill in rural Petaluma California. It was sometime in spring around 2:00 am. I woke to the sound of a humming noise and looked at the walls above my bed noticing bright lights going around them. I tried to wake up my wife but couldn’t so I hopped out of bed. I went to my daughters room next to ours and checked in on her and she was sound asleep also. I walked in the living room which had windows overlooking the hillside. I looked out the window past the grove of trees and saw bright lights. There was nothing on the hill and the lights made no sense at all being there. The lights resembled the brightness of lights used by freeway crews while working on the roads at night. I turned and noticed the lights bouncing off the wall mirrors so wanting to get a better look a headed out the front door, closing it behind then out off the porch into the yard. In my underwear I exited the gate which opened in to the field then looked up on the hill. About 200’ in front of me was a large glowing sphere hovering a few feet off the ground. The sphere resembled a small harvest moon and I remembered wondering if I made a mistake going out to investigate. I looked back at the house and seeing the front door closed I wanted to go back in. I couldn’t move as I seemed to be paralyzed. Being very frightened I looked back at the sphere when suddenly three images appeared standing in the field. The images were men which looked just like us except very tall. They were somewhere around 8’ tall, well built and had bald heads. They were dressed in black jumpsuits and wore side arms. The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed around 8:00 am on a Saturday Morning. I remember opening my eyes wondering if I dreamed the who thing. It almost seemed like hours were missing from my night and I had a small hole or mark right in the center of my forehead which wasn’t there before.

Years later the entire incident started coming back to me and I began remembering what happened. It was around 2000 when it became very vivid. There were not only the three beings looking like us but also others resembling the typical aliens with big eyes and grey skin. The beings looking like us seemed to be in charge and the other’s worked with them. The mark in my forehead, which is still there today was made by a long needle type instrument which was inserted into my skull. This instrument was used for something I’m not sure of. They communicated with me telepathically and seemed to download and upload information into and out of me. In summary, the visit was a religious experience in which they told me God and Jesus are real and do exist. I wasn’t a religious man before these incidents but afterwards they changed my life. What we communicated about back and forth was very in-depth and there’s not enough paper or time to cove the topics but, I’ll reiterate in saying they convinced me Jesus is still alive and went on to say that they are us and we are them. We come from them as they are our past.

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