Occurred: 2007-10-11 19:28 Local
Reported: 2007-10-14 23:23 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour +
No of observers: 1

Location: Brassall (Australia), , Australia

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Left a trail

Accidentally photographed very strange UFO

I have the original CR2 raw files for all 3 exposures from my 30D.

4, 8, and 15 second exposures on a fixed tripod, with mirror lock up and shutter release.

400mm focal length, f/8.

Just stuffing around making star trails on my tripod as i didnt have an EQ mount at the time (still dont =[.. so im building one tomorrow.. a scotch mount anyway) The 4 second exposure was taken on the 11/10/2007, south east queensland at 7:28 pm and 03 seconds in GMT+10, the 8 second exposure was taken at 7:28 pm and 15 seconds in GMT+10 and the 15 second exposure was taken at 7:28 pm and 33 seconds.

Taken from south east queensland, near brisbane, Australia.

It's a UFO, as I cannot identify what it is.

I cannot reason whether it was in the atmosphere, or outside the atmosphere but close by and independant of the earth's rotation or a distant object.

There are problems with all 3 scenarios.

such as if it was close by or inside the atmosphere, it would have to move against the earth's rotation precisely to mimic the star trail found in all 3 exposures, if it was outside, but close by it'd still have to move to match the star trail causes by the rotation of the earth looking at the distant objects.. if it was a distant object, the weird twirly bits shouldnt be there... if it was a stationary object that is... as they also should be trailed out...

I was thinking it was camera shake, but wondered why the other stars were not affected by any such camera shake... and considering the fact the lens has its own tripod mount and i used mirror lockup...its confusing.

others have suggested bugs/insects in the way, but i pointed out that would be blurred out to invisible as the lens was set to infinite focus (obviously) and its 400mm focal length.

others have suggest burning debris... but how could that match the star trails in all 3 photos of different exposure lengths? and on the smallest possibility that that is the actual shape of the object, it would have to move to match the rotation of the earth no matter how far away it was, which would be a great feat indeed, or a geo-stationary object... which it cannot be either as the shape is different in each long exposure, yet defined.

It looked like just a star to my naked eye though, a very bright one, and since the night wasnt perfectly clear or ideal for taking astrophotography, i decided to center around this particular star.

I have anonymously hosted the photographs I took on tinypic.com so as to give you an idea of what i am talking about.

I really didnt notice anything strange about it with my naked eye, or looking through the lens, only after I had taken long exposures did I see it was weird.



We have looked at the black & white photograph, and I have no idea what the squiggle of light is. The other objects in the photo seem not have moved in the same manner. PD

Posted 2007-11-28

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