Occurred: 1982-06-25 00:00:00 Local
Location: Terre Haute, IN, USA
Shape: Light
Duration: one minute
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2007-07-03 13:14:42 Pacific
Posted: 2007-08-07 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object

In June, I witnessed a bight object on a clear night moving east to west, then vanish out of sight in 3 seconds

In June, 1982, my fiancé and I witnessed a bright object traveling slowly from east to west. The night was very clear and the stars could be seen for miles. I got out of the car and for some unknown reason decided to look up in the sky. As I was looking into the eastern sky, I noticed a lighted object moving very slowly. I asked my fiancé to come and look at this object. She asked what it was in a very excited voice. I said, “I think it is a UFO! All of the sudden the object stopped in front of us about 10 yards away at tree top level! We were both getting a little concerned. The object or occupants in the object were looking at us maybe, but it was too far away to tell. The lighted object hovered in the same position for about 30 seconds. I was getting goose bumps and starting to perspire as was my fiancé. Then all of a sudden the object moved to the west again slowly for a few seconds and then moved out of sight in about 3 seconds! It was just like in documentaries I have seen in recent years Now the sighting was about a mile and a half away from an airport and air guard base. However, the object made no noise at all! I know enough about planes to know that they make some kind of noise and that they do not hover like this object did and then all of a sudden move out of sight in about three seconds. I have been around aircraft since I was young and my dad was a flight engineer on a B-24 bomber in WW2. I wanted to call the air guard base, but I was afraid the airmen at the base would just laugh. However, many years ago, an F-94 from the base chased an unknown object, but gave up the chase after being outrun.

I spoke to a UFO expert about my sighting and he told me he believed that the occupants knew we were watching them and that is why the object hovered for about 30 seconds. I have gone over this sighting in my head for the past 25 years and wondered what the object was. I have come to the conclusion that it was either Air Force test vehicle or reverse-engineered object flown by our pilots OR, an alien aircraft. It was state of the art regardless of what the object was. The object in my opinion was saucer shape and very well lighted. My fiancé and I were married for about 9 years and then divorced and we had one son, now 19. He told me his mother showed him where we saw the object.

I will say that I feel fortunate to have seen a UFO. I feel like a veteran and feel that it has changed my view on life differently. I believe there was a Jesus and he did walk on water, but I wonder if there was a scientific reason he was able to walk on water. Maybe we were seeded here on earth! I would also like to convey to you about an incident that happened to my uncle at about the same time as my experience. My uncle was a farmer in Illinois. He told me at my wedding that he was riding on his tractor one day in his field. He told me he was driving slowly and this gold metal object came up to him and his tractor engine stopped on his tractor! He said he was very frightened. The object moved around him. He tried to start his tractor to get away from the object but it still would not start. The gold metal object finally moved away and moved out of sight in a few seconds. His tractor started up again, just like other people have experience with there cars when they saw UFOs. I believe my uncle was being studied by a probe. He told me he prayed the entire time the object was studying him and that he was very frightened. I just think that it is very coincidental that my uncle and I saw these objects about the same time. It may not be. I decided to write you because I saw SEEING IS BELIEVING, UFOS with Peter Jennings last night and saw the interview with the gentleman with National UFO Reporting Center and also this is the 60th anniversary of Roswell. I hope this helps by reporting what I saw 25 years ago and I have wanted to report this for many years.

Thanks You


Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD

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