NUFORC Sighting 57388

Occurred: 1977-08-04 20:45 Local
Reported: 2007-07-01 10:41 Pacific
Duration: 15-20 mins
No of observers: 2

Location: Scarborough (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Left a trail

Pear shaped silver craft with wheel of colours close encounter

On the night of Aug.4,1977, while working outside at the location of Neilson Rd. and Ellesmere.I worked at Dominion Stores,serving cars for grocery pick-up. A fellow parked along side the field in the parking lot asked "look at the object over there-what is it"? I looked and said,it's a plane while I served a customer.The next car pulled up for p/u for groceries.The stranger said look,it's not moving-I looked and said -it's a helicopter.I finished the second car and again this fellow bothered me. Again saying look at the lights on it while staying inside his car ? At that moment I had no more customers to serve-so now I had FULL attention of what this fellow was asking about,in what to identify.Clearly,about a little over a mile-directly east bordering Westhill and Scarborough,Ont. -east of Morningside Rd..I could see a wheel of colours rotating clockwise at a very low altitude-just above tree tops.The fellow stayed inside his car,and I put my head down and ran across the field about 200 yds.I then stopped,to look a mile away to the east, with my workplace behind me.I looked and noticed it was gone from where I first saw it.I checked across the sky and looked behind me.I was in shock as I turned to the west.Just above me-off 10 degrees-- about 50 ft.away and 200 ft above in the sky-was a silver craft.I could not believe what I was witnessing at age 18.The description was a silver light bulb/capsule shaped craft.The larger back end facing me,had four distinct colours of light-in sequence blue-green-yellow-red.These lights rotated clockwise -one at a time.Inside the center of the perimeter of these four lights -a slightly larger orangey-yellow light that stayed on.There were no marks on this grayish silver craft-like one mould.This thing had no sound,and appeared 40-50 ft in length.Small end about 10 ft in diameter to the back about 30 ft in diameter.I watched this craft and light for about 15-20 mins.I felt at the time they were time travellers and shouted for them to come down, pointing t! o the gr ound.I felt the word Neanderthal and bone density pop into my mind.I could not await any longer to stand alone-I wanted to get some other witnesses to this marvel.I ran very fast back towards the store.As soon as I reached the edge of the parking lot,I heard a four pitch "beeping" sound.I dead stopped and turned around.The craft was moving very slow[5 mph] toward the northwest,and making the beeping sounds.The fellow who brought this to my attention was gone-nowhere.I ran into the store to have a co-worker friend witness this thing.He was unloading a 45 foot trailer of groceries-he could not.I run fast back through the store to go outside again.I screamed for a co-worker who collects grocery carts,to run over here.The craft was about less than a mile northwest of us-still flying very low and beeping.After a minute it was out of sight.This co-worker asked me,"what is it" ? I replied time travellers! We stayed together and look all around in the skies.After 10 minutes we went back to work.The store would be closing at 10:00pm,as it must have been 9:15pm at that point.Then I heard a whooshing sound directly above moving across to the east.My co-worker friend screamed across the parking lot and say-did you hear that ! I noticed a very low[1000-2000 ft] white trail-east to west -like a jet trail Again we both stood together at the edge of the field and witnessed a bright red and white light.Directly east about 10 miles,high in the sky.We watched the intensity of a red,then bright white shining on and off for a couple of minutes.Then suddenly,it went out and reappered south -near Lake Ontario.The location would be Pickering Ontario-where we watched at out vantage point in location.This light shined brightly on and off a white to red colour for another couple of minutes.Then it was over-but never forgotten of what it was I had witnessed.It is important for me to report this to you David.From 1967-2002 I have seen 9 ufo's in the month of August.But in 2003,all that changed.I had witnessed 16 more sightings start! ing Marc h 3,2003.IN TOTAL OVER 80 SIGHTINGS TO PRESENT**** JULY 2007.I have started to photograph them.


One of several reports submitted by same source. PD

Posted 2007-08-07

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