NUFORC UFO Sighting 56948

Occurred: 2007-06-04 22:30 Local
Reported: 2007-06-05 13:44 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 4

Location: Midland, TX, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Multiple Lights In Sky

I arrived at my parents’ house at approximately 1030 PM CST (2230) to gather some things I had left there. A friend of mine who is staying at the house was standing near our shop building, which is approximately 50 yards from the main house, looking into the sky. When I approached him, he asked if I saw anything flying low and silent on my way there. I had not seen anything out of the ordinary.

He described a pair of non-flashing lights, red and blue, on opposing ends of the ‘craft.’ It flew on an east-to-west bearing, and quickly altered direction to the north and dimmed to non-visible. The total duration was 2-4 minutes and was approximately 1 mile away at its closest point to his position. He also commented that animals in the neighborhood were acting peculiar in that the horses next door were in a state of unrest and that dogs all around the area were barking loudly, many at once.

Within 5 minutes of my arrival, two bright lights appeared in polar-opposite positions to each other, one to the northwest, and the other to the southeast. Each one brightened and dimmed at no certain interval and independently of one another. Each one also seemed to ‘flicker’ and several times changed from a reddish hue to a bluish or greenish tone. Additionally, there were three short ‘flashes’ from the northernmost ‘object.’ It may be important to note that two of the 4 observers of this event confirmed that there may have been two distinct lights on the northern object, or possibly two objects. These two ‘objects’ seemed to be on an approximate inclination (relative to our position) of 40°. The distance from my location could not be determined; therefore I cannot be certain about the approximate height of the object from the ground.

The total duration of this event was around 25 minutes. By 11:10 PM (2310 hours), neither object was visible.

Notes: Weather Conditions: Clear, full visibility. 75° F.

Lighting Conditions: Dark, no city street light interference. Location south of Midland, Texas city limits approximately 7 miles.

It might be worth noting that in 3 different locations which I can pinpoint by map, local police and sheriff patrol units were sitting beside the road. Also, after leaving the location of our sighting, my friend told me that two patrol units were driving around the area.

Posted 2007-06-12

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