Occurred: 1980-01-01 01:00 Local
Reported: 2007-06-01 23:09 Pacific
Duration: 7 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Emitted beams

Very bright green light without sound moved over me and my car from a wooded area about a 1000 ft. up.

I had just left my brothers house on new years eve late that night. The new year had been in only about an hour. As I got about a mile away from my brothers home, I noticed this "very bright light" in the distance, coming out of the sky and going down to the ground.

I didn't pay it any attention until I got closer to the source about two more miles towards home. As I came up on this main street, this bright light came out of the sky again, and I thought it was a police hellicopter on some kind of patrol.

But then, "I notice, there was NO noise coming from the light at all" and the light was "GREEN", and it was glowing on me, my whole car, and around the area I and my car was in, about a 20 feet area. I looked at my car, and it was green inside and out, and freen all over me. It was so strange because no one else one on the mostly busy road but me.

The quite bright green light withdrew back up in the air to the source, and then vanished.

One of the strange things of it was there was a great "silent" during the whole thing, no noise of any motor, just silent.

Later in that week, I noticed others on the t.v. news across the nation noticed the very same thing as I did, the bright light with a green glow that was too bright to look at. I didn't tell my wife about it til about a month later.

Posted 2007-06-12

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