NUFORC Sighting 56844

Occurred: 1982-05-28 18:00 Local
Reported: 2007-05-28 14:11 Pacific
Duration: 2-3 minutes
No of observers: 3

Location: Stewart State Park, OR, USA

Shape: Formation
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object, Changed Colo

Glowing, colored, 3 object, light formation, merging into one bright ball of white light, and then disappearing.

It was nearing dusk on the beginning Friday evening of the Memorial Day holiday week-end, in approximately 1982. I do not recall the exact date, and it could even have been 1983? Myself, my wife and three children were camped at Stewart State Park on Lost Creek Lake in Jackson County, Oregon, with another family, a co-worker, his wife and their four children.

We had had a very full day and were all just sitting around chatting after eating dinner. I remember being very tired at the the time and feeling myself in an odd state of lethergy, when I noticed a roughly pyramidal-shaped formation of three glowing objects silently moving down the highway bordering the edge of the campground, moving over the edge of the campground itself, and moving roughly parallel to the highway.

From where we were camped I could see pretty much the entire expanse of the campground area and quite a bit of the lake beyond, at its edge, and a portion of the highway and the bridge across the lake, at its far edge. At that time you could see this, but now the view has has changed considerably due to the growth of the trees that have been planted around the park, that were then basically just seedlings. Now, you cannot see across the campground very easily and depending on where you are camped, you cannot even see the lake, itself.

But at that time I could see the other campsites across the park, I could see the smoke from their campfires, see people and I could even hear their voices. I could not hear exact words, but I could hear laughter and voices.

I remember feeling amazed that what I could clearly see had not caused the slightest spark of interest from any of the other campsites. And, I can recall being amazed at my own strange lack of excitement. I just sat there in somewhat of a "funk" and calmly said: "Gosh, look at that." My youngest son, who was approx. 12 at the time, was sitting next to me, and he said to me: "Yeah, gee....that's funny." Also, in a very calm voice, and showing no hint of excitement, either.

A third person, the wife of my co-worker friend that we were camped with, who was sitting directly across the picnic table from myself and my, also acknowledged that she had seen it, too. But also in the same sort of matter-of-fact manner saying: "oh yeah," very off-handedly, then she laughed continued chatting with the others in the party, who had seen nothing at all.

After many years, I discussed with my son what I had seen and asked him what he had seen. His recollections are far less vivid than my own. He cannot recall EXACTLY what it was that he saw, only that it certainly was something out of the ordinary. He too, remarked how he felt the same, in an odd sort of lethergy and the odd feeling of calm with a complete lack of excitement.

I also discussed the sighting very briefly with my friends wife, again many years after the incident. Her response was that she definitely saw something but couldn't begin to explain what it was, then laughed it off and she changed the subject, like she didn't care to discuss it. It was almost as though we were all drugged or had been zapped by something (though nothing of the sort had actually happened!).

My exact recollections of the sighting are this: The three balls of light were perfectly round and had to be at least as large as an automobile in size, judging from how far off they were from our campsite. One was red, one was green, and one was white. I remember at the time saying to myself that they looked like Christmas Tree ornaments, they had that same sort of glowing quality about them.

They were solid objects and you could not see through them, and they were each surrounded by a sort of a whitish colored could see through the halo itself, in a sort of out of focus fashion. The halo was surrounding each of the objects seperately, but not collectively around the formation itself. The objects couldn't have been more than say 30 or 40 feet, at the most, from each other.

The were no windows or appendages on them of any markings at all, and they moved in complete silence, emitting no trail behind them.

I watched them veer slightly from the highway edge of the campground and glide directly over the campground itself, and then out over the lake....going quite a distance over the lake before, in what felt like just seconds (or less), the three balls of light merged together, changed color to a very bright white, and then shot straight up into the sky, going extremely fast, and totally disappearing from sight. Again, not making the slightest sound, but leaving a very discernable white streak behind them, which just as quickly as it had formed, faded and then disappeared.

Oddly, I put the entire incident out of my mind, and did not even mention it to anyone in the group for the rest of that week-end, nor did my son or my friends wife mention it at all. I did not report what I had saw to anyone and it actually took me quite some time to later come to the conclusion that what I had seen was very possibly a UFO. Whatever it was, it was not imagined. It definitely was like nothing I had ever seen before in my life (I was approx. 42 or 43 at that time).

Does this sound at all like something that someone else has reported? Now, many years later, when I tell this to others (friends and family), they all think I'm pulling their leg about it, or they jokingly accuse me of being a "bit swacked" at that time. It is not a joke....I did see SOMETHING, and I was not drinking at the time, either. There was not a single drop of alcohol in either of our campsites, as my friend and co-worker was a recovery alcoholic and was, at that time, very early into his now 25+ year association with A.A., and I did not want to make him feel uncomfortable that week-end by drinking in front of him.

If you feel that this report has any merit or deserves further communication, please feel free to contact me.

Posted 2007-06-12

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