Occurred: 1986-04-01 21:00:00 Local
Location: Tikva (near) (Israel), , Israel - near Petach Tikva
Shape: Triangle
Duration: About 5 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2007-05-21 20:29:28 Pacific
Posted: 2007-06-12 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

triangular craft with red pulsating triangle of lights - seen in Israel

The date and time that I've included above are approximate - within a month or so of the actual sighting. I was on a kibbutz in Israel called kibbutz Einat, about an hour from Tel Aviv. It was evening around 9pm, and I was walking by myself.

I saw a flying object moving slowly above me. It was a triangular craft with a triangle of pulsating red lights in the center of the bottom. I don't recall if there were any other lights on it. The triangle of red lights was at an opposite angle/position to that of the craft. I don't recall any sound either, I believe it was fairly silent.

A moment after I walked into view of the craft it stopped moving and hovered above me. I couldn't tell how far away it was at that time. I stood and looked at it for a couple minutes or so; I waved at it; it hovered for a bit and then suddenly darted in the opposite direction from me, made a sharp left and went behind a tree.

It was at that point that I realized that it was smaller and closer than I first thought - about 10-20 feet across. I stood and waited for a couple more minutes, not sure if it was still behind the tree (about 100 feet from me) or if it had continued on behind it. Eventually it came back out, stopped above me for another moment, and then very quickly zoomed out to my right towards a sunflower field. I watched as it went, and about 2-300 feet away from me, it suddenly plunked straight down into the sunflower field. The height of the sunflowers (about 6 feet) was higher than the craft.

I ran to tell other people about it, but they all thought I was making it up. The most amazing thing about it was the way it moved - quickly jolting from one spot to another in the sky, and hovering in one spot. The other very memorable thing was the pulsating red lights. They pulsated as though a wave was going across them from one side to the other.

There was an army base near the kibbutz, and I wondered if it was actually some sort of creation by the Israeli army. In the last year or so I saw a TV show that described similar types of crafts seen by others.

Just wanted to share the story with anyone who's interested.


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