Occurred: 2007-04-30 22:00 Local
Reported: 2007-05-04 14:57 Pacific
Duration: hours
No of observers: 2

Location: Shreveport, LA, USA

Shape: Oval
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby, Landed

Multiple-type UFOs are witnessed multiple times, in multiple states, near U.S.A.F. bases in LA and CO.

Several other individuals and me have been observing clandestine military "UFOs" for approximately five years now. Two to four distinguishable crafts have been observed during this time period. The locations I speak of are Shreveport, Louisiana area and the Denver, Colorado cosmopolitan center and Bailey, Colorado, approximately 45 miles south of Denver. Both in Shreveport and in Colorado, United States Air Force Bases are nearby. In Colorado the sites are the U.S. Air Force Academy plus NORAD within Cheyenne Mountain in and near Colorado Springs. In Shreveport, Louisiana, the site is Barksdale Air Force Base.

I will first comment on the history of others and my observations. Beginning in 2003, my brother, a friend and me began seeing large, glowing and color-changing objects over Lake Bistineau in Bossier Parish about 20 miles from Shreveport and near a very small rural town called Hall Summit. Periodically, on a darkened road very near Hall Summit, LA, my brother and I (and occasionally others brought along)witnessed several aerial crafts in the night sky and depending on the evening of observation, one or more different crafts were observed. Typically, the activity in this country area peaked in the late AM hours, before dawn. However, there was some activity as long as it was dark. The most prominent and constantly witnessed UFO was a large, bright orange oval object in the sky which was capable of hovering, moving at an variable speeds, none of which were considered to be "high-speeds," as seen in LA, anyway. These identical crafts were also seen hovering above the lake named above with the same light/shape configuration and rapid color changing properties. These "color-changers" were discoid in shape, appeared metallic and when viewed by high-magnification binoculars They all moved from side-to-side or if viewed from directly below,they made small concentric circles as if their propulsion was possibly related to the harnessing of the earth’s own (geo)electromagnetism as the movements were identical to that of two magnets of opposing poles when brought close together. The propulsion of these type crafts were silent. The most often seen color was orange, however, all colors of the visible spectrum were viewed at varying times; often the type of craft mentioned cycled through this spectrum rapidly.

The "color-changers" were often but not always associated with faster moving crafts we termed "strobers" as they displayed strobe-like qualities flashing intense bluish-white light at extremely high frequency when moving and a slower frequency when approaching a landing area on government land, in the middle of virtually zero population. They were difficult to look upon as a prolonged gaze requires.Their propulsion was, too, silent. These crafts "buzzed" our vehicle at a very low altitude while stationary or when driving--multiple times over the years. I cannot comment on the shape of these crafts, due to the light intensity. These were much smaller than the above crafts that appeared at least 100-200 ft.in diameter and were rarely witnessed hovering except as they were about to land. They were capable of high-speed maneuvers such as small angle turns and abrupt stops and change of direction without deceleration. These accounts of the aerial ships seen in the country were near government owned land and is inaccessible. One evening at about 4:00 AM CST while driving on a small rural highway nearby, an orange-glowing "color-changer" passed over us at a very low altitude (150-200 ft. perhaps) and my bother and me were within 1 mi. of our usual observation point and we sped there, eyeing the orange ship until we reached our stationary observing position. The huge craft proceeded to land about 1000 to 2000 yards away. Two "strobers" buzzed by us as the larger craft passed over us toward its landing spot. Upon landing, either the orange ship’s lights were turned off or it proceeded underground. Too, we had seen lower hovering crafts "cloak" or shutting down their lights.These UFOs seem to be of military association. Gasoline? Free energy appears to have been harnessed.

In Denver and Bailey CO, the hovercrafts ("color-changers") were seen yet in massive numbers, at higher altitudes and typically emanating only bluish-white light. The same small movements--as if magnetically-related propulsion was used--were identical to the ships in LA. An extremely large hoverer appeared over the same mountain peak nightly and the intensity of its white light was remarkable. It was viewed from a much greater distance (~1.5-2 mi.)and using the LA crafts as a reference,was at least 1000 feet across. In Bailey, (not seen in LA) the crafts at higher altitudes often zipped away with no apparent acceleration and, too, could stop on a dime. On an average evening, barring unfavorable weather conditions, there were 30-40 of these objects scattered in the sky. Other times there were much fewer present. They were over the urban area of Denver, also, at relatively low altitudes.

I have not returned to the country viewing area in LA for several years. Now, the same "color-changing’ discoid crafts hover over Shreveport proper, a few at higher altitudes and typically one or two at lower altitudes. The lights however appear to remain white. While hovering, if viewed from binoculars, rapid color changes are seen. Many I know have witnessed these crafts and agree they are presumably military. The last time I spent time observing one of these was April 30, 2007, with a friend, within the city, from my front porch. Their presence in the evening sky is constant. The sightings are regular yet the crafts over the city do not maneuver, they just hover and make their small nutated movements. The fact I’ve read absolutely no reports of these highly visible "UFOs" is incredible to me. They need to be evaluated by experts with the proper equipment and brought to the largely unknowing public’s awareness given the potentiality for a cheap or free energy source. They are obviously higher aerial technology that has been disclosed and I feel as though they are at least partly used for surveillance/security. They fall under the definition of a UFO as they are not identified.

Two other type crafts were witnessed in the country, both similar: rectangular shuttle-like crafts heading in the direction of the Air Force base. Propulsion could be heard (a low uniform hum); these were of such a low-flying altitude (~60 ft.) that 6 (on one of these crafts) to 8 (on the other)circular propulsion devices were viewed beneath each "shuttle." Windows were present on the crafts' front which were very small and rectangular. Side windows were large and square with yellow light inside seen along with human shaped figures near the windows. There were no exterior lights present on either and an estimated speed of both is 40-50 mph: an atypical, very slow speed for an object of their size and apparent weight. The rectangular humming crafts appeared 40-50 ft.long by 15 ft. wide.

The high level of activity in the region warrants investigation. I have seen the same hover-type crafts not only in the two locations mentioned but everywhere I have traveled within the U.S. I am an M.D. and a trained observer. To let this slip by without investigation would be tantamount to continuing to allowing the government and its military to fund and operate these specialized crafts without inquiry and to continue to use hidden, inexpensive propulsion, likely in most cases presented above, to be geo-electromagnetism harnessed and likely regenerated--for free.

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Source of report describes self as an "M.D.." We do not know the precise dates of the alleged incidents, described below, and find it unusual that NUFORC has not received reports about the alleged sightings before now. PD

Posted 2007-06-12

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