Occurred: 1981-11-30 20:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1999-02-20 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 4 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Vernon, NJ, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Corrections Officer brother and sister have seperate events. I saw the triange 18 years ago!

Dear Peter Davenport, One evening between Nov. 1981 and Feb. 1982 at around 8 PM., I was driving home from work, northeast on route 94 in Vernon, NJ towards home in Warwick, NY. I saw what I thought was a 747 ahead of me to my left. It had a red and a green and a white light. I paid it little attention. As I proceeded, I saw a huge solid triangular craft through the bare trees in the sky not far above the tree line. The triangle was traveling way too slow to stay up in the sky; I’d say about 20 M.P.H. As the craft came closer (it approached at a position of about ten o’clock) each of its three corners were now illuminated with only one white light. I rolled down my window to listen because it should have been deafeningly loud at that point. As it passed overhead, I could not believe my ears - it was completely silent and there were no lights anymore, just a dark triangular shape. I had never seen anything so massive. As big as a football field was how I explained the triangle’s size to the police. The body was darker than the night sky behind it although I could not make out the craft itself. Immediately to my right was the steep incline of mountains. The craft rapidly accelerated in an upwards motion in order to clear the mountain range and lifted in a manner that I have never seen any aircraft maneuver - sort of like when you make your bed with someone and raise the sheet by all four corners quickly, then air gets trapped under it and it sort of floats down slower. My engine was still running, so I sped home where I immediately called the Vernon New Jersey Police Department. I gave them my story and asked how many others had called in, but to my amazement, he said no one else had called at that time. I never took UFOs seriously before. For years I kept this incident to myself because I had no explanation and I felt terribly alone and confused. Now, after reading Dr. J. Allen Hyneck’s NIGHT SIEGE and hearing your reports on Art Bell, I know that others have seen exactly what I had seen 18 years ago. What I found out recently, was that in 1985, my brother had also seen a UFO. I asked him to write down his experience for me. Here it is: March/April, 1985, 8-10PM Main Building, Housing Unit 9-2, Fishkill Corrections Facility, Beacon, NY As I worked one night in Housing Unit 9-2, which is a dorm-style ward, an inmate approached me at my desk and told me to look out the window facing one of the facility’s exercise yards. The window was open except for the bars. Directly over the yard and approximately 100-150 yards in the air I saw what appeared to be a circle of bright white lights which illuminated the yard below. As I watched for nearly 3-5 minutes, the circle of lights remained motionless and completely void of any noise. Eventually, the circle of lights began to move slowly over the unit in a northerly direction. It was then that I went into the hallway outside of the unit and watched there from one of the windows as the circle of lights moved slowly towards and eventually over Interstate 84. During this time trucks and cars traveling on Interstate 84 either slowed to a crawl or stopped altogether to watch as the lights passed overhead. When the other C.O.s and I questioned our supervisors about this, we were informed that what we saw was a group of planes out of Stewart Air Force Base flying in close formation.

Posted 1999-04-02

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