NUFORC Sighting 53903

Occurred: 2006-12-09 21:45 Local
Reported: 2006-12-09 21:56 Pacific
Duration: over one hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Bettendorf, IA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

9:45 PM 12/09/06 huge triangle defined by white light pattern motionless about 7 miles south of Bettendorf IA

To whom it may concern, At 9:45 PM December 9, 2006, while in my car with my grandson, I spotted a VERY large triangle defined by white/greenish lights hanging motionless in the southern sky. We stopped the car and viewed it. No sound was heard. At 10:50PM it is still present in the same location. This is the second time I have witnessed a triangular vehicle hovering over the Quad Cities region.

Two summers ago, at 3:00 AM I witnessed the same shape hovering north of my home over interstate 74 directly over Bettendorf. This vehicle was much closer to the ground and easily defined as a black triangular object with multiple colored lights and much closer to the ground. There was no sound. I would guess the size to be about that of a football field. It is difficult for me to estimate the distance from the ground. I would not say it was fearfully close but close enough that one could distinguish the colors of its lights which were multi colored and discern the triangular shape of the object supporting the lights.

With regard to what we are witnessing this evening, given the distance of the sighting I have to state that this object has to be significantly larger than the one viewed two years ago. IF that is possible! It is presently far enough away and high enough in the sky that one cannot determine what supports the lights. The shape is defined by the pattern of the lights only and no difference in color of the lights is able to be distinguished. All lights appear white to my grandson and greenish white to my eyes.

At 11:30 PM the object is still in the sky but has changed location moving North West. I would estimate its distance is approximately seven to ten miles south of my home and the height in the sky has to be considerably higher than the sighting two years ago because it is easily seen above heavy timbered hills in front of my home.

I did take a video but the image recorded on tape does not represent what both of us view with our eyes which is a triangle. On the video perhaps due to hand shake (VERY cold here) it appears as a bright white ball that moves and changes shape. I shot it between the branches of trees in front of my home this is not the first location that we noticed it from however.

There will be two sections of video the first is 9:45 then a break in recording followed by the fatal attempt to zoom in on it with night shot. I was freezing cold and the hand shake makes it appear like a white ball bouncing around the screen. I did zoom back and shot through the same trees as the first video so you could see the movement relationship to its location between 9:45 and 11:30. Unfortunately the video does not reflect what we see viewing this object. It is definitely a clearly defined triangle when viewed by the human eye.

If you want to see the video I will be happy to mail it to you for what it is worth. Perhaps you may find some value in it. I am disappointed as it does not clearly reference the shape we both concede is a triangle.

Posted 2006-12-14

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