Occurred: 1994-10-24 14:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-11-11 14:32 Pacific
Duration: 1/2 hour
No of observers: 2

Location: Charlotte, NC, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Electrical or magnetic effects

We were under brilliant illumination that was much brighter than the 2:30 pm afternoon clear day sunlight.

I noticed intense but unusual ground effects lighting all around us before I noticed what was causing it. There were no clouds, it was a bright, sunny, blue sky, October afternoon with the sun shining to our right, casting long shadows in the sand. I had sat down on a swing for about 5 minutes, watching my son playing in the sand to my left, when all of a sudden I physically felt an extremely intense, powerful double shock wave that initially seemed strong enough to stop my heart momentarily from beating. When I looked around me, everything was lit up brilliantly in a strange light grey light, and then looked over at my son 7 feet away from me, I could clearly and obviously see that we were being intensely illuminated from directly above. When I looked over at my son, his own shadow below his body was razor sharp around him on the sand, but when I looked straight up in the sky, the two round objects were actually about 3-4 miles over to our right instead, which was confusing because the light they were emitting made it seem as if they were only 100 feet straight above us. His bright red jacket appeared only grey, there was no color vision at the time of the sighting. The light seemed brilliant grey, and actually eradicated all of the shadows eminating from the bright sunlight. They were heading south to north, same speed, same line of movement, second one behind the first one about a mile or two behind, and were the same size each, circular in shape with about 7 concentric non-contacting rows of brilliant but separate and staggered, huge, stationary sparks underneath them, but coming out of the underside of the objects. The sparks were static and appeared photographic due to total non-movement, but with random, smaller bright shards of blue and red in each of the white and also each of the yellow sparks. The first, outer, ring of sparks was white, the second two smaller inner, concentric rings were yellowish in color, the next smaller ring was white and the next two were yellowish ag! ain in c olor, with the final, smallest ring being white sparks. But in the exact center of each object was a huge black circular discharge of downward facing uneven energy, like an enormous jet black spark, as was all of the other sparks, each facing downwards as well. I could tell the black energy was larger because it was blocking out the few rows of sparks that were behind it. The second, trailing object then zoomed quite rapidly up to the first one, as they each continued northbound, and then immediately bounced off of without ever hitting it in two or three tiny little loops to the right of it, then instantly approached it again, and once more seemed to be deflected somehow by the first one in 4-5 little swirling looping motions on the left side of the first object. The first object remained perfectly stationary at both times. Then the second object went all the way back to its original distance and position and once again approached the first object again, same speed, but this time, apparently making a smoother approach, because it went slowly under the first one, because the first one started disappearing as in a crescent shape above it, and then the top one dissappeared completely, apparently as it overlapped the second one now below it. Due to their similar size, they now appeared as one object. Then, after traveling another few miles towards the north, above to my left, they rapidly and suddenly flung apart from each other, the top one seemed to deflect to the right where I could still see the rings of sparks on the bottom of it and then the second one deflected to the left of it flipping almost on its side at an angle towards my direction because I could see the top of it, that it was covered in a greyish brownish material, soft looking, and it had no windows or doors and had a smooth dome shape directly in the middle of its center. When they both instantly flung apart from each other, they also instantly and abruptly stopped at the same exact time completely in mid-air. At that instant, that ! they bot h stopped in mid-air for perhaps two seconds that I could tell, then they both, at the same precise instant, disappeared from view completely without any indication of speed, flight trails or even any apparent flight direction whatsoever. I used to work in the financial accounting field, so paying attention to details was very important. I also did not feel threatened or afraid at any time of the sightings even because of the strange light because they made no movements towards us, they simply seemed to be maneuvering in the sky, and the way they moved so effortlessly, made it seem to me as if they were floating on top of a solid surface, even though they were so high up in the sky.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-12-07

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