Occurred: 1994-04-03 23:30:00 Local
Location: Lake Sonoma, CA, USA
Shape: Other
Duration: 1hour 10 min
No of observers: 2
Reported: 1998-12-27 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1999-02-16 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Emitted beams, Changed Color, Electrical or magnetic effects

While fishing on Lake Sonoma my friend and I saw two lights in the trees. We were on a boat in the center of the lake. The lights were about 200 yard away. The lights got bright and started to change colors. Eventually the craft came over to our boat and followed us back to camp.

It was April 2,1994. Daylight savings time. A buddy and I from work decided to go for a fishing trip on the boat he just bought. We picked Lake Sonoma , and you had to get to the campsites by boat. We set up camp friday night just by dark, then decided to cast a few times off the shore and ;ended up staying up all night. The next day we did alot of trolling around. caught and released a couple of small mouth bass. Later we ate and went back out to the marina. (we are camping aprox. 4-5 miles north of the marina which was near the dam) It took about 20-25 mins at top speed-25 mph-. We We saw this guy working on a houseboa and we all talked for a while. Later we went to the boat ramp to catfish. I was looking east from the boat ramp when I was A flash in the sky comming from just behind the mountains, then a second later two more quickley repeated flashs. It seemed only slightly odd but I told my friend what I saw. It was about 11:00 pm. We ran out of worms. My friend had alot more catfish bait back at camp. It was a long ride back but we figured it was worth getting the bait since the fish were bitting. We started heading back and noticed the fuel was almost empty, so we changed tanks. We headed up, north from the dam. All we had for light was my 5-cell mag light. There were stumps protruding from the water so we sere going to have to be careful. We rounded the corner up the north fork toward Cloverdale. The wind was so strong that water was coming over the front of the boat, we reduced our speed to 5 kph. After we passed the public boat ramp, my friend noticed two lights up on the hill and said,"Hey, look at the four wheeler up on the hill. He's really moving throuhg the trees." I said,"Are you sure, how could he be going sideways like that." All we could see were the lights. No object. It would sometimes come in front of the hillside and then be behind the treeline. Then I shined my maglight up at it and it went behind the hillside. It had followed at our pace for about 8 min. W! e weren't sure what it have been and didn't really think much about it after it disappeared. Then it came back and instead of dodging in and out of the trees it was above the ridged of the hill. It was about 200 yards west. This time instead of two bright lights it was two bright colored lights, each changing a different color randomly. The colors were beautiful almost hypnotic. It was as if each color had its own vibration. I could feel the light touching my body. Then my flashlight went out. It felt like some one put icey hot and electricity all over my arms. Then we looked up and it started getting brighter. It kept getting brighter and brighter. Then a colorful rainbowy mist fanned out from underneth it. It beacame a glowing ball of light. So illuminesant that I thought the hill had caught on fire. At that point we decided not to look at it any longer. As if ignoring it, it would go away. I still had to look at it every few minutes. Then it finally left. It had followed us longer that time about 15 minutes. It still hadn't clicked in our heads what was going on. I was afraid to talk about it, afraid if I did it would hear us and come back. The after a few minutes my friend said he thought the lights looked like an angel. I didn't think the lights looked like an angel but they were awesome. We talked about it for a couple of minutes then we stopped talking. We wanted to concentrated on getting back to camp. It was pitch black without my flashlight. About 5 minutes later my friend tapped me on the back and said look at this. I said no way I'm not looking at anything anymore. He said, you have to see what I'm looking at. I turned looked back up on my left facing southeast. I noticed an incredible looking craft slowly coming down the hillside, then after centering itself begind us it then closed in comming with in 100 ft. At first sight my whole body just colapsed, I was paralized in disbelief. It couldn't take my eyes off it. Then I could just say, "Oh my fucking God" Then the ! only thing that came out was air. My friend told me not to look at it,to turn around. So I did. We both started praying aloud, I followed my friends lead. We could still tell it was there by the reflection of it off the water. The ship was blackend like tarnished silver and shaped like a jelly doughnut. There was a dark band around it horizontally. There were lights inside the band, rectangles with rounded corners. We couldn't tell if the light was coming through a window or not but the light was pouring out like lumminescent fog. We could see about seven lights around it. It was about 30 ft. tall and about 200 feet wide? The ship so close to the surface of the lake that we couldn't see under it. After about 10 mins we saw the fork that lead to our campsite. We started to head that way when we realized it was a dead end. My friend turned without having to face the craft and we made it around the next corner when we saw two campfires. Then the ship was gone. In the sky over head a hugh comet seemed to take off from our direction. It started from one color and went through all the colors of the rainbow. With each color picking up speed. Then it was gone. We went back to camp. My friend immediatly fell alsleep. I did not...

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