NUFORC UFO Sighting 52548

Occurred: 1966-11-01 12:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-09-19 18:31 Pacific
Duration: late am to early pm
No of observers: 0

Location: Opa Locka, FL, USA

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Landed

UFO sighting at Crestview Elementary School in Opa Locka, Florida around 1966.

I am responding to a sighting reported on this site on 7/15/2004. I was telling coworkers about what I experienced when I was nine years old at my elementary school about my UFO sighting. One of my coworkers went on your website and found where someone else had reported basically the same thing that I experienced. This happened at school and from memory it was called Crestview Elementary School and was in Opa Locka, Florida. This happened in 1966 from my recollection. We were in school and all of a sudden our teacher told us to be very quiet and not get up from our seats. It seemed like we were sitting there forever, when finally I began to see Military men with Air Force hats (caps) on walking around outside our classrooms. They came from the Homestead Air Force Base. I was told that later. I remember that finally they allowed the kids who walked home or rode bikes home were allowed to leave the school. As I was leaving I remember looking to the North by the playgrounds and looking up towards the street light and saw a shiny silver disk shaped saucer (ufo) by the street light. I remember my mom asking me why I was home from school early and I told her to call the school that they sent us home early.

One block over from us lived the Science teacher who had her classroom in the portables in the playground. My mom talked to her and she said that if you hear that something landed next to the portable that it was true. She said that she was worried about her job so she wasnt suppossed to talk about it so that is why she told my mom that if she heard about something landing at school it was true but did not come right out and tell her that that is what happened.

I wanted to assure the person who reported this to you on 7/15/2004 if they are still looking for someone who remembers this incident, I do. Just like they said, it seemed exciting to us, but I was scared also. Probably because of the appearance of so many military men in our hallways at school. I seem to think that something was printed in the paper about this being a weather balloon.

I agree with the other person who reported this incident to you about the military doesn't evacuate schools due to weather balloons and they would not seem worried as they seemed to be to me.

I would like to be able to talk to this person who also reported this same incident to see if anything else strange like this has happened to them over the years.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. Provides only e-address for contact. PD

Posted 2006-10-30

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