NUFORC UFO Sighting 5163

Occurred: 1998-07-15 22:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1998-12-17 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Killeen/Willow Springs (area), TX, USA

Shape: Flash
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

flash of light while talking outside with my girlfriend

this happened in the summer of 98' so i can really give much details i did however make a post on the blackvault. anyways,here is a paste from my post: I live in Killeen Tx, next to fort hood...i'm 26 years old...been in and around the military all of my life ..i know what a C130 looks and sounds like..i know what an apache looks like...i know what a huey looks like...i know what they all sound like...but what i saw tonight was not so easily explained…
i live next to west ft. hood..the west part of the main base..Duh..?!..=OÞ anyways, this is where all the training flight "play" at...the other air field is used for helicopter training...So im standing outside ..talking to my girlfriend she was saying something to me all of a sudden a "fast" ball of light passed behind her in the sky!! i was like &*$%# LOOK!!! what is that...(so much for being calm...) so she turns around and we both watch this object streak up into the heavens! i mean one second the balls there, the next second its gone ...just winked out like a meteor would do EXCEPT, that it was MOVING UPWARDS ...the next second i hear what sounds like a rocket engine pass by ...but and this is IMPORTANT!! there was no blinking lights anywhere which would signify that a jet was passing thru..several minutes later and APACHE came BARELLING
THRU FROM THE EAST SIDE OF THE BASE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN!!!! Lights flashing this BADBOY (if you 've never seen one in action you dont know what your missing...) raked the ground with its spotlight and did a search of the area ...usually this does not get any attenton ... cause these guys are allways flying in formation and playing with the public ( shining lights on everything and everyone...) but it certanly seems interesthing in light of what i saw..

Now here is where i debunk myself and offer some Possible explanations...

1). The light was really a jet ..since the air field ONLY supports CARGO airplanes...then this would mean that what i saw was more then likely a "Covert" Aircraft that was not supposed to be here.

2). Training Manuevers with the idiot pilot not following safety regs. And had his lights off... but then this would bring me to the first anwser and since this craft is not currently under support in this trainign
enviromment the question remains what exactly were they (the military) doing endangerering the every one knows that it's agaisnt FAA Regs. to fly ANY type of AIRCRAFT without running lights!!

3). What i saw was really something unknown ..(wouldnt hold my breath any time soon!!)

as a small note ... i called the operations NCOIC and he informed me that he was not aware of anything being out of the ordinary....but concidering what i was describing no running lights, my familiarity with diffrent aircrafts etc, he informed me that he would notify the tower and see
what was hoing on…


Date is approximate. This report was truncated accidentally, and was corrected from the original on 04AU02. PD

Posted 2002-08-16

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