Occurred: 1991-06-15 03:00 Local
Reported: 2006-07-23 16:47 Pacific
Duration: several occasions
No of observers: 1

Location: Galconda, IL, USA


Class III Encounter

One evening I thought I "dreamed" several aliens came into a cabin I was staying in with my girlfriend. Early the following morning I awoke, and described to my girlfriend my strange "dream". She went on to tell me that she had the same dream, and that she had been taken to a spacecraft out in the field that abutted the cabin area.

In my "dream" I was awoken by 3-5 alien "greys". Their featureless faces were only illuminated by the reflections from their black eyes. I remember sitting up in bed, holding the covers up to face so that only my eyes were exposed. They came towards the me, and one seemed to be holding some strange, "jewel" encrusted "wand". It was gold, and had red and green "crystals" that may have been used to control the device. I think it was this device that was used by the aliens to disrupt my memory of the events.

The next evenining my girlfriend woke me up very late at night, terrified. She said they were back, and she did not want to do with them. Immediately I became aware of a very low frequency "humm" which was coming from somewhere outside.

Here is where it gets strange, since it was a waking memory,and I remember it as a waking memory -- My actions that that point on seem bizarre and irrational to me.

I went out onto the porch to see if there was anything.

There was a VERY bright light shining through the trees that separated the space around the cabin from a large overgrow field.

It was at this point I think the aliens, again, used their mind machine, or my own brain was just going into shock over seeing such a bright light shining from this isolated field. We were mile and miles from anything! The cabin we were in had no electricity, no water, and the closest neighbor wwas several miles down a dirt road.

It was like my rational mind kicked in to convince me that what I was seeing was not real. I thought it could be some kids on ATVs, or we were hearing the sound of a far away generator, or that someone was simply playing a joke on us.

From that point on I can't remember much. I don't remember going back to the cabin.

The next day I woke up early in the morning and went out to the field to see if there was anything. Out were the bright light seemed to be emitted from there were eight concentric circles pressed into the grass and mud. These were not like crop circles, but appeared as if something had pressed into the ground. The outer circle was approximately 40ft in diameter.

((name deleted))

Posted 2006-10-30

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