Occurred: 1990-06-01 23:00:00 Local
Location: Colorado Springs (south of, on Hwy 115 near the co. line), CO, USA
Shape: Other
Duration: 5+ minutes (I left)
No of observers: 0
Reported: 1998-12-09 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1999-01-28 00:00:00

The UFO I saw was stationary, brightly flaming on the bottom and dripping profusely toward the ground.

On a recent trip to Colorado Spring in the Fall of 1998 between employment, I picked up a paper that serves several towns 15 to 50 miles east of Colorado Springs. The headline in the August 27, 1998 "RanchLand News" (published in Simla, CO) described recent UFO sightings. The article described a UFO sighting exactly like I personally had while driving south from Colorado Springs on highway 115 in the late 80's to 1990. Every time I stopped at a convenience store on Hwy 24 East of Colorado Springs over the days I was there, I mentioned the UFO headlines of their local paper. To my surprise many locals shared of their sightings near this multiple Air Base region. One man of 'credible' nature who is a pilot said him and his wife were driving east on Hwy 24 to Colorado Springs when they saw a large ball of fire heading towards Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD). He added that it veer to the right along the mountain and disappear over the side then went towards "Pikes Peak". Both him and his wife saw this at about 5 a.m. earlier this summer. I then told him of my 1990ish sighting and he commented that the UFO I saw stationary in the sky must have had a "fuel problem". Until this recent trip to Colorado Springs I never really talked about the sighting much to anyone. In re-driving the hwy 115 I found at about the county line what I believe is the location where I had the sighting. There is evidence of brush having previously been burnt there—perhaps set by the flaming UFO? This is what I remember of my earlier sighting back in the late 80's to 1990: It was late at night--probably 11:00 p.m. or later. I was driving south of Colorado Springs on highway 115. Fort Carson is on the East Side of the road. About 4/10ths to a half-mile to my front-left just over a notch in a ridge was a large object suspended in the sky. It was brightly flaming on the bottom and dripping profusely toward the ground over the ridge. At first I thought it was a "dirigible" (large blimp) on fire, but it was only burning on the lower half. Being that it was over Fort Carson, I thought that it might be some kind of military base experiment. I pulled over to the side of the road for a few minutes, but then just shrugged it off and drove on. I never drove the road again until this fall of 1998.

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