NUFORC Sighting 50013

Occurred: 1977-06-30 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-04-07 13:24 Pacific
Duration: 2 hours
No of observers: 5

Location: Whittier, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Huge Triangle over Whittier in 1977.

I have been looking at many UFO sites for years and have even had a photo posted a few years ago of a UFO I got a picture of while in Washington State. I even submitted photos last year that showed objects in front of me and around me while driving from Texas to California. Needless to say I have had a few sightings.

What brought me to write today was that I noticed a few reports from the 1977-78 period of pretty much what I saw myself in the city of Whittier. I am in my late 30's now and at the time I was in 6th grade.. The time was close to 4pm because my friend's mom was the manager of a donut shop and we would go pig out there everyday after school.

We got to the corner of Lambert & Colima when one of the kids yelled "hey look a rocket"!. We looked up towards the Hacienda Hts area. There is a big hill you have to go over that leads into Hacienda Heights using Colima Rd. We saw the object in plain sight but at first all we could see was a flame coming out of something. It was right above Colima Rd at the top of the hill. That is a major pathway for planes coming into LAX. They come in every few minutes so someone had to have seen something.

We continued watching the object and then it started to move high into the sky but towards our direction and settling directly above. As it got above our heads (several thousand feet in the air), I could see it perfectly, it was a huge Triangle with different colored blinking lights on the side (specifically blue & red), a flame coming out of the back, and a bright white light at the tip.

It stayed up there for at least 2 hours. Didn't move.

The time was now way after 5pm and it started to get dark. The triangle was now blending in perfectly with the stars. I remember still faintly being able to see the red/orange flame coming out the back and not really being able to see the red & blue lights on the sides anymore. My neck was hurting so badly from looking straight up for all that time that I finally had to take a few minuets rest. When I looked back up I couldn't find it but all the kids were saying "it's right there" and pointing it out to me..

Well I just couldn't find it anymore because it just blended in with the stars so well. I ran home to tell my family but who would believe a young kid saying such a story. I mean, if it were that big, flying in LAX air traffic space, in plain sight, then why was there no news covereage or any mention of it??

Well I never did hear anything about it but I know what I saw. It is fresh in my memory to this day as if it just happened yesterday. Who knows maybe since we were kids, the er uh "visitors" only allowed us to see them. But whatever it was, it was huge, it was close, and it was real.

I would also like to add that a few years later (early 80's) I was watching a UFO documentary and they told the story of a man in either Wyoming or Montana that shot at a UFO that was chasing him. Well guess what? He drew the exact same thing I saw that day. The triangle, flame coming out the back, bright white light at the tip, and different colored lights on the side.

I got excited and called my brother to come watch and asked him if he remembered the UFO story I told him about a few years back, I said "that's exactly what I saw". He just basically said "are you sure" and I said "I'm positive" (to which he replied "what a trip").

I guess I got so excited because someone other than the group of kids and myself actually had an encounter with this thing and drew it in all exactness of what I saw that day.. I read about the enormous Chevron craft seen by a woman over the 605 fwy that same time period as well as another story relating to the same info and I knew I had to include my experience as well. The area over Colima Rd is a sort of UFO hotspot.

In 1998 after leaving a friend's house just before midnight, I drove up Colima Rd coming from Hacienda to Whiiter, and as I neared the top of the hill a White light just shot across in front of me. I sped up to try and get another look but it was long gone. It was just like a Blip but I saw it and it was not a reflection from any other lights because for those who know that hilltop, there is a small area where there are no street lights, that's where it flew across.

I feel relieved in a sense to hear that other people have come across what I saw that day back in the late 70's. Although I know what I saw, it's just so relieving to know that I wasn't alone and that others came across some big, weird stuff they can't explain either. I gotta tell you, seeing something like that is better than getting your first bicycle on Christmas - it really is.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

Posted 2006-05-15

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