Occurred: 1952-06-10 12:00:00 Local
Location: Chicago (south suburb), IL, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: 10 minutes
No of observers: 0
Reported: 2006-03-14 10:48:11 Pacific
Posted: 2006-05-15 00:00:00

My sighting of two objects in Chicago, IL as a pre-teen in the early 50's

This event happened when I was a young boy, just pre-teen when I'd guess I was about 12. I'm now 65 and want to leave this report before I can't. This would put the event in the very early 50's.

I lived in a south suburb of Chicago (on a small farm), about 20 miles SSW of downtown. The township was Calumet Park, IL.

One afternoon I was standing in the yard looking due North. Suddenly coming out of the west there was a very high, extremely fast round object moving west to east. The speed was unlike anything I had ever seen. Many times that of the fastest plane. From the ground the view angle was probably about 60 degrees. From my distance it appeared to be about three or so times the size of a pin head held at arm's length. When it was due north of my location it suddenly came to a stop, motionless. It remained that way for several minutes.

Then another identical object came from the East at the same blazing speed. It came to a stop right by the other one. Now there were two of the round objects together. They hovered for a few minutes. Then they went straight up, got smaller and smaller until I couldn't see them any more.

There was no sound, no vapor or contrails. The day was bright and clear, not a cloud in the sky. No wind. Just a perfect summer day. I remember the temperature being plesant too, which would normally mean early summer or late,late spring. In the above part of the form I'm only guessing month-day-year.


Witness indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD

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