Occurred: 1974-11-15 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-01-26 12:20 Pacific
Duration: 0:08
No of observers: 1

Location: West Orange, NJ, USA


Better left alone..

10 years old approx, at time.

Was sleeping had to go to bathroom when I saw what I thought were to black children a little older or taller than me in my room with my brother. I was squinting but thought they were there to take the TV.

As I have at this time just moved to West Orange from Newark and only thinking that they were African American because the afro' look was still prevalent at the time. Being a harvest moon at the time in a house surrounded by 300 acres of reservation land and a large picture wall window was directly in front of me an my brothers bed so the moon lighted the room well.

Upon opening my eyes a second later I realized even as a child that they were not black children, but what is now the so called grey's which I would deem grey more a light blue an silver but very similar to what has been popularized fictionally an very much alive. Still seems funny to me when people throw the line maybe were not alone in the universe because if one is right in front of you that thought blinks buy to the’s next.

To cap this quickly one the larger one stood off in the back an just stood there with what seemed a nasty look on its face one to the left of my brothers bed and one knelt on the other side of my brothers bed with what looked like a box an was doing something to his arm. I at this time thought they were killing him and could not summon any courage to do anything but not move or be seen myself. I thought that I could fight but there were three a seemed an eternity for me of what was my fate or what I should do.

My thought of screaming and or jumping up a tackling one was the best idea I could think but I was petrified in fear and didn't have the courage. Sure as shit they say the little bastard near my brother’s bed got up and walked around a came to me. Let me get this straight to you this was like having a terrorist coming at you to do harm as far as I knew.

He knelt and opened a strangely shaped box he was carrying at least for the 70's but still haven't seen anything like it today reached in the box to grab something. I made a noise if I remember by accident and was beginning to cry an the "man" made a very unforgettable wince face ((hope you get)) maybe a grimace but the wrinkles curled and it was like he was yelled at for doing something wrong but during this time they did not speak although they looked like they were talking the whole time.

I can’t really explain the unexplained but the one who stood in front of me the whole times head moved and pitched slightly from left to right.

Anyway immediately after the grimace it was like a b-line to get out he closed the box immediately stood up an im telling you this was the icing on the cake they all moved like 1. I mean it was like a the finest military coordination you have ever seen in unison they in stride not missing a beat filled out of my room abruptly.

With two more sliding into the rank from my parent’s room as they passed all together as one. Anyway of course no one saw anything I didn’t move till light, told everyone and everyone didn’t believe yada yada same old story right.

But I assure anyone this was no dream and is not a situation where someone may feel confidant in saying I believe that he believes he saw something. This was as real as anything; the sad part about it is that it really doesn’t matter. An even if I could prove it, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

The impression I received from my experience I had was loud and clear. Uncompassionate beings that are weak but very methodical that do make mistakes. If any true understanding from this country or other nations about this race and problem I would agree that it should better be left unsaid.


Date of the event is approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary date in November 1974. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous, except for an e-address. PD

Posted 2006-02-14

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