NUFORC Sighting 48761

Occurred: 2006-01-19 00:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2006-01-19 11:14 Pacific

Location: , , Unspecified

Characteristics: Changed Color, Landed

I don't know if this was a dream or not. When I got lost one night, I was taken in a ship. There were 3 round objects that were the control panel. All one had to do was place his/her hand over the round object and the ship would fly.

I was taken to a place that was underground, and I flew in a small craft where only 2 people could sit in it. The object had a glass dome, and a friend who I used to know was in it. But the strange part about it is that I haven't seen this friend in years, so I knew it couldn't have been him. We landed on a docking station. I wasn't afraid because I knew this friend. There was a whole city underground. I was only shown certain objects. The object was disk-shaped and the round objects that guided the ship were emitting a strange color. They were not attached to anything; it was like 3 balls just hovering in the same space next to one another but a few feet apart. The light that these 3 balls or steering mechanism gave off made no sound. The object that I was in didn't make any noise.

Please help me to understand what happened to me. And the other strange part is that there were ladies, and they appeared as someone I knew. I knew that this couldn't be possible. The craft made no noise, and I woke up in my bed.

Please put something on your website and explain what happened to me. I wasn't examined like most people reported. I was taken somewhere and brought back, but I can't remember where I was taken. Please help me.


Source of report indicates no location for the alleged event, no dates, and provides no contact information; he/she elects to remain totally anonymous. PD

Posted 2014-02-07

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