NUFORC Sighting 48702

Occurred: 2006-01-03 09:00 Local
Reported: 2006-01-13 02:32 Pacific
Duration: 5 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Fountain, CO, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object

Object hovered low over homes, we followed it for several minutes.

It was Tues. 01/03/06 about 9pm my son and I took the Fontaine exit off of I-25 and headed east towards Mesa Rd. As we approached the High School we say what first appeard to be a helicopter by the way it hovered, then manovered a turn that went from heading west back east. My son witnessed the object and watched it also. I continued towards Mesa Rd watching this thing to figure out what it was because it didnt look normal to me. I reached Mesa Rd and it appeared to be decending next to Lowes but next thing I knew it turned south and flew forward low over the homes. At this point it seemed like it had a wingspan of some type and had alot more lights on. It flew above the homes about 20 or so feet it seemed. At that point it resembled a small plane and I continued down the road at about 45 miles per hour because I thought if it was a small plane in trouble it was going to crash. I reached the end of the road and had lost track of it. I made a left and on the next road turned left again heading towards the homes. I saw it hovering over a house a few blcks away. It seemed every time I got close to it the thing would slowly move a block or two away. I had to find out what it was! I cant explain the feeling I had at this point. I got real close and could see 2 sets of 3 lights clearly. I couldn't tell the shape but it looked like the light sets were formed in a triangle shape. I couldn't see a form- only the lights. I stuck my head out of the window and could only hear my cars engine (Its a quiet engine). I struggled to make out a shape or size. I then thought of my camera phone and couldnt get in hand and working fast enough. It started moving again and all of a sudden sped south over a dark area ( maybe johnson resovior or a large field and headed south staying low and fast. My son thought it was traveling at 100 mph, I would say it was 50-75mph. I have a degree in accounting and I am the type of person that knows there should be a logical, scientific reason for everything but this overwhelmed me in a way nothing ever has. I live in a military town and can reasonally believe it was some type of test flight of some kind, but I know I am constantly thinking about it.

Posted 2006-02-14

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