NUFORC Sighting 48607

Occurred: 2006-01-03 18:50 Local
Reported: 2006-01-04 18:35 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour
No of observers: 1

Location: Aliceville/Carrolton/Livingston, AL, USA

Shape: Sphere
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

Greenish-Blue Sphere Shape Object Seen Over Alabama's Skies. People In Multiple Sites Witness Same Thing.

On yesterday evening, I observed 2-3 unusual objects in the sky. My trip began on U.S. Highway 82West as it leads out of Tuscaloosa, AL towards Columbus, MS. I made a left turn at the junction of U.S. Highway 82West and AL State Hwy. 86East. AL State Hwy 86 leads to the city of Carollton, located in Pickens county. Midway to the city of Carollton (a distance of some 20+/- miles from the junction of US Hwy 82 and AL State Hwy 86) I observed what appeared to be a "shooting star" pass from the right side of the sky to the left. I must point out here that my primary occupation requires me to drive extensively. As a result, the road(s) I was traveling on was very familar. In addition, since a great deal of my driving in general is done in the evening and night, the sight of "shooting stars" is equally as familiar. What made this particular "shooting star" stand out to me was the intensity of white light displayed as it tracked across the sky. So much so that I half expected to hear a thud or see some type of impact crator. Again, it must be stressed, that at that paticular point in my minds eye I had simply seen a "shooting star", no more. After making what amounted to about a 20-25 minute stop, in Aliceville(a town about 12-15 miles past Carrolton), to complete some work, I proceeded to take AL State Hwy. 17South to reach the city of York, my destination in Sumpter County. As I reached the outskirts of the city of Aliceville, with the thought of the unusual "shooting star" still fresh in my mind, I observed yet another "shooting star". This one, the second "shooting star", tracked from left to right across the sky and emitted a somewhat dull pale orange color as it passed. Nevertheless, I was still of the mindset that the two objects I saw, less than an hour apart, were just "shooting stars". In fact, I would probably still be of that opinion if I had not observed the third and most impressive object. I had been continuously traveling along AL State Hwy. 17South( i have to point out that this particular state hwy.runs almost parallel with the AL-MS state lines and serves as a lifeline to some of AL's most rural communities. there are very few lights of any kind, except when passing through one of the small rural towns aforementioned) and witnessed nothing at all unusual. That is until I arrived at the junction of AL State Hwy.'s 17South and 28West where I made a left turn that would take me to the city of Livingston in Sumpter county. Almost immediately after turning on to AL State Hwy. 28East, I observed a spherical object in the sky to my right (this would have been along the South-South West horizon). Initially I thought that it was a star. The object was not illuminated in any intense way, but instead seem to emit a greenish-bluish glow or tinge. I slowed my vehicle to about 15-20 mph and to my amazement, I could see that this greenish-bluish object was hovering in the sky (as a point of fact it was moving so slow that it appeared to barely be moving at all). I looked around the sky and at first I saw nothing else in the sky besides the spherical object. Then a few seconds later I saw what I percieved to be a low flying airplane in the Eastern part of the sky. It, the low flying airplane(?)blinked about six times and then it was gone from view, but the sphere continued to leisurely hover about. I was able to view this spherical object in the sky about 10-15 minutes until I reached the junction of AL State Hwy. 28East andUS Interstate 20/59, which passes through the city of Livingston, in route to Meridian, MS(about 40 miles away). At about the time I reached the interstate either the spherical object had gone or it was obscured by the lights of cars, businesses, etc.. The conclusion, about 6 hours and 150+/-miles later someone who could not have known what I had seen, said very casually and somewhat jokingly, "hey guys, I thought I saw a U.F.O. tonight". I let this person tell everyone present what they thought they saw. When other folks started laughing, i started crying because I knew that what I had seen was real.

Posted 2006-02-14

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