Occurred: 1998-10-24 13:30:00 Local
Location: Westcliff (near), CO, USA
Shape: Circle
Duration: <1 minute
No of observers: 2
Reported: 1998-11-12 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1998-11-19 00:00:00

A friend and myself went to take some pictures of an area we were planning on investing in when we spotted a strange object.

My friend and I were near Westcliff, Colorado, checking out some property that we were interested in buying. We were on the property for about an hour checking out the landscape and taking pictures the area. As you will see by the photo I send, the area is quite peaceful and quiet. As my friend and I were talking he interupted and asked me if I heard something. We heard a faint blowing sound but couldn't tell what direction it was coming from. At first we passed it off as a strange wind. However, a few minutes later the sound suddenly became much louder from behind us. We turned to see this strange object in the sky slowly moving toward the ground. The closer it came to the ground the more dust it kick up, yet we didn't see any type of engines or blowers on the object. The object never did land. I was able to take two pictures. The first did not show the object. I only assume I was so stunned that I clicked way to fast. The second is the one I will send to you.

After I took the second picture the object became much quieter and in a flash shot straight up in to the sky and dissapeared. The object was perfectly round with several smaller circles on the bottom of it. These smaller circles were somewhat reflective. My best guess is the object was no more then 25 feet from one side to the other and about 5 to 8 feet high. The main part was gloss black and the smaller circles were a peach color. My friend and I both grew up in Colorado and have spent a great portion of our adult lives in the mountains of Colorado. My friend is a top broker at a leading firm and I own a computer related business. I have never seen anything like this or have given it much thought. We both have a lot to lose if this was to get out that we "believed" in such things. The only reason I'm reporting this is because my wife said it might help me close this issue in my mind. However, I do not want to let anyone who I am other then my name. If you want to contact me, you may do so by my e-mail address only.

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