Occurred: 1977-01-01 02:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 1998-11-04 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 2-3 years
No of observers: 0

Location: New Canaan, CT, USA


possible abductions when I was a kid living in Ct. in the middle of the night i would be forcibly floated out of house by short people

i have a few memories of very lucid dreams or something which took place when I was quite young(between the ages of 6-10?) which at the time seemed significant even to me at that age. I remember one night being floated against my will down the stairs of our house. I was terrified , and my feet were about a foot off the ground .there was a short figure (even seemed shorte than me )which I took to be a which and it was beside me the whole time. I tried to grab the wall and the bannister but could not get a firm hold. My next memmory, can't say wether or not it was the same night, occured in my driveway. this one happened repeatedly. I would find myselfe being floated down my driveway towards the road by little grey men . that they conformed so accurately to the modern stereo-type is the reason that I am reporting these events. thes e guys seemed very real to me. after the first time I seemed to recognise them and them me . like with the witch, my feet were about a foot,maybe two feet off the ground and I would keep trying to find the ground so i could run, with my legs moving in a cycling motion below me ,but i never found it. This hpenned about three or for times and at least one of the times one of my little sisters was there with me. At the time I thought these were morethan dreams and wondered if maybe they were real but in another dimension or something that shared the smame space that I normally lived in but was normally not accesible. I also remember finding myselfe in my next door nighboors back yard in the middle of the night and having to climb up the hill back to my house. I moved to Scotland when i was therteen and didn't have anymore of these dreams. But I did have another strange dream when I moved back to connecticut for university I was staying at a freinds house in New Canaan durring the summer when I had this dream where I was on my back on like a hospital bed , being steered through a huge well lit place by two people. there were many other people , in groups but I didn't take much mote of them.when i was left olone on the bed I tried to run but my feet had some kind of glass sandles or something crudely stuck to the soles. as I ran back the way they had brouht me these sandles slid arround on the mettalic floor. I ended up in some kind of smaller darker room with some people who were doing a project and were very calm and made me feel more relaxed. this could have just been a dream,I really dont know ,but I mention it just in case anyone else has had a similar one I am 27 years of age and fairly well educated and work as a deck -hand in Miami by the way- about a month ago I saw a green/blue fireball looking north west from my balcony .It was bigger and slower than a shooting star and move more horizontal than virtically. it dissapeared after lees than two seconds. it was almost the sise if the moon.

Posted 1998-11-19

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