NUFORC Sighting 44811

Occurred: 1971-10-07 01:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2005-07-07 01:12 Pacific
Duration: 45 min
No of observers: 2

Location: Kitchener (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Disk

A very bright , horizontal elliptical disk aprox. the length of a yardstick held at arms length, hovered one hundred feet away.

Before I describe the sighting, I would like to say this is my first public acknowledgement of what I have seen and I do so out of frustration with the smarmy attitude our governments have about the subject of UFOs and to encourage others who have experienced the same to speak out loudly.

After reading the 'CANADIAN,TEXAS,JANUARY 15, 1993 STATE TROOPERS' report, I was struck by his sense of awe and resignation to the fact that his reality had just been assaulted with the blunt force of indisputable, emperical evidence that we are not alone. This is a feeling that is shared by millions of human beings around the world, including myself, who do not place a 'belief' in UFOs on a wish and a prayer or some peculiar fuzzy lights in the sky; but on heart stopping, nerve stunning, in-your-face, up-close and personal 'I am HERE, I am BIG and you are very, very small' close encounters with these things. And I'm madder'n hell that this situation goes on every day without any advisement from our so called 'by the people for the people' governments whose biggest fear next to real democracy is that we find out in fact they do not nor ever had a clue about what these things are or where they come from.

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS when these things appear, do we greet them with a smile and a handshake or should we run like hell away from them! I think our governments know at least as much to describe the various objects, tell us what the present state of affairs is concerning UFOs, and what is the nature of the contact environment for human interaction with each type; so we can at least act neighborly without putting ourselves into harms way. If these things are dangerous and out to get us, can we pop off a few rounds when they get into our crosshairs? I think it's time humanity had a million-man-march on capitols around the world to force the truth out from between those lying teeth of politicians responsible for holding back the truth. This is a new millenium and it's time for a new world order alright but not the stilted, contrived, patrician 'we know better than you' models we now have. Their silly secret society, michiavellian intrigue ways of doing things went out with the buggy whips that remained in the last century; and are as bizarre and artificial as the pathetic face-hip-boob lifts obsessed by celebrities today. There are many, many things that cry out for answers and change in our society, that require a different attitude from human behaviour away from competition and greed. The UFO issue may hold a very significant dimension to the problems our world faces today.

For starters, who the hell are they and where do they come from? Are they here to eat us or eat with us? I have had three unforgetable events involving UFOs and I will describe them in three separate reports dated; Oct.07, 1971 - Nov.15, 1987 - March 12, 1997.

On approximately October 7, 1971 at 1 AM my wife and I were travelling south east on county road #17 just past Conestoga and approaching Kitchener, Ontario(Canada) city limits. It was a clear moonless night but when we saw a peculiar object hovering above the treetops to our left about 1000 feet away, we considered it to be an interesting effect the moon was causing, reflecting off the top of a silo to look like a flying saucer. As we proceeded along the road I continued to glance over my shoulder expecting it to change shape and get smaller as we moved away from it. However I discovered that not only was it holding its horizontal, elliptical shape, it was getting bigger and brighter.I craned my neck this way and that looking for the moon that I thought might be causing this but didn't find it. I asked my wife to look out her side of the car to search for the moon and she discovered also, no moon! When I asked her to look over her left shoulder and describe what she saw across the field she confirmed, it was a disk shape and bright as moonlight. I pulled over and stopped the car. By now my wife was frightened and refused to get out of the car, clinging to the doorknob out of fear. I wanted to settle this and conclude it was our movement caused by driving that was responsible for what I expected was an illusion. Up to then my only knowledge of flying saucers was in the realm of science fiction and peculiar stories from history books. I never put much credence in the few current reports I had read and didn't really know what to think about them, the jury was still out. So I got out of my car and stood very still, bracing myself against it to to be sure of my bearing. Well the disk kept moving very slowly from a WNW direction skirting the top of the forest across the field from us, but not yet coming directly towards us. By now its scale had gone from a dime size at arms length when we first saw it to a nickle size. Its steady movement and even moonglow illumination convinced me it needed closer inspection. Looking back at my wife I said I was going for a closer look to which she groaned her displeasure. I blythely and quite naively raced across the road towards a point in the field about five hundred feet away where I expected to come as close as I could, considering its trajectory and speed, and the distance I would have to cover in the time I had before it would pass us. This involved a possible encounter with a barnyard dog, in the dark, because we happened to be next to a farm house to our north east. I made it across the yard without incident, over a fence then into the field which was fallow with weeds and short scrub. I ran towards the predetermined point in the field ahead, keeping my eyes on the prize and soon realised it had changed course and was coming towards me. Our paths met quicker than I expectd and was caught by surprise. Now looking due north, my head canted way back so sharply as to cause me to realise this thing was REALLY close and REALLY big and I should stop NOW. It was as long as a yardstick held horizontaly in your hand at arms length. My best guess was one hundred feet off the ground and one hundred feet away from me. "Come on down here and talk to me!" I shouted up to it. It just hovered there and glowed. I saw no one, no details, no sound. Just a horizontal, elliptical disk shining like the moon. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the glint of headlights moving up the highway about a mile away so I ran back to the road, flagged the car down, pointed to the UFO and said "Look!" At that moment it went from five inches across at arms length, moved up and away to a pin point and vanished in one second. My wife and I reported it to the night officer at the old OPP station on King street near Rockway Gardens in Kitchener that night. He made a written record of our report, also checking with the local airport for possible flyins or radar evidence. Nothing was reported that night. Since then I have encountered a born again christian and a business man both men of character beyond reproach, confiding to me of encounters they had that were very similar to ours. My wife and I are not sure if there was any time loss but I do recall her remaining in the car terrified. She on the other hand recalls getting out of the car, this being our only point of disagreement with the whole incident.

((NUFOR Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

Posted 2005-07-13

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